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I am Luna's dirty secret


28 December 1977
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REGARDING ME: I'm thirty-four years old. I have an identical twin sister. I have a husband (my high school sweetheart) and four kids. The husband and kids are all Arashi fans. We are currently converting the neighborhood kids. I am the Pied Piper of Arashi.

FRIENDING POLICY: Until I hit the Arashi fandom, this was strictly a fic journal. It is still mostly a fic journal. As such, you can feel free to friend away in order to watch it if you'd like. I probably will not friend you back. I'm shy, easily overwhelmed, and generally crunched for time. I will friend you back if I get to know you well enough.

Not part of the friending policy, but a good link for anybody new to LJ and/or Arashi: Welcome to LJ and Arashi: A Primer.

DEFRIENDING POLICY: Go ahead. I won't cry and I won't cause drama. I won't talk about you behind your back. I will keep on liking you if I want to, though. If you want ME to defriend YOU then all you need to do is ask. PMs, comments, e-mails. You don't have to explain. I will do it with no questions asked of anybody.

ABOUT FIC: If the tag says 'Arashi' or 'JE' it is Real Person Fic (generally Real Person Slash, at that). You will notice that I almost never post ratings or warnings. This is because I'm very lazy. I generally will indicate if there is porn in an entry but I don't age-restrict it. If you want to read it, you can go ahead. If you are interested in the sexx0rz I see no reason to cut you off from exploring it. I am a bad parent but my kids think I'm cool? Also: There are no locked fic entries here. You will never need to friend me in order to read anything here. 'Comment fics' (found in my memories) might be locked--if so, I cannot help you because I do not repost them.

I don't mind if you want (for any reason, good or bad) to link to anything found here or in my memories. I WILL mind if you lift it wholesale and post it elsewhere.

One of the best things in which I have ever had a hand.

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