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Do I want to write porn? Also, last year's links and fic-in-half-an-hour

The short answer is no. The longer answer is: I probably should add the porn to my bigbang_mixup. I hate writing porn. ;__;

Normally I do a link roundup of comment fics at the beginning of the year. I ralphed on Taiyou and that didn't happen. But hey, Mycroft here is willing to work with me!

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My favorite fic (of my own) from last year is undoubtedly French Revolution. I enjoyed the hell out of writing it and, in glancing back at it, I'm still satisfied with it.

Erm. Now have some 'This Means War' fic. SHUT UP, DUDES, I ALREADY KNOW.

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bought the airline

Yet among the living!

Guess who knows somebody who threw up on their laptop and ruined the ever-loving crap out of it! Guess!

(It's all of you reading this. Because I did that.)

(Spoiler alert!)

(Oh...I did that wrong.)

Yes, I threw up on Taiyo. Just days after my birthday my whole family--hell, my whole TOWN--got sick. There were several hospital trips for dehydration and the sheer inability to hold down, or in, any sort of water (let alone any kind of food). It was a sudden-onset thing and so I actually threw up on my laptop with very little warning that it could or might happen.

He died.

So that's where I've been--waiting for Ed to build me a new laptop. (Long story short: I can't use any of the other computers here for various reasons.) I know that the kids posted it on FB a while back but not everybody is friends with the childrens. Sorry if anybody was worried! Thank you for trying to check in on me!

This is just a quick note, btw. I have writing yet to do for bigbang_mixup. I was doing it longhand in a notebook and my wrist is killing me.

(PS. If anybody wants to beta Inception fic, I would let you. I might cry because it's a totally new fandom to me and I haven't actually explored it due to LACK OF INTERNET but I would actually appreciate it.)

bought the airline


Wow, I'm super late in getting in on this! BUT! If you want me to send you a card, drop your address into the (screened!) comments. Eventually a card from me will turn up in your mailbox...exciting, right?

IF you left me your address in years prior I will use that address so if it's changed, let me know. If you DO NOT want one, let me know that too!

AND IF YOU ARE NOT CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS: I will send you an appropriate holiday-of-your-choice card. OR I will send you a random card just to say hello and that I'm thinking of you if you have no holiday at this time.

Thinking on that...if you don't celebrate December holidays but have a big holiday at another time for which you'd like a card, let me know what and when!

As I'm waiting for an oil change I am not going to post any fic with this. Instead, have some holiday music fresh from Korea (S.M. Entertainment in particular).

(I love you, Luna~~!)

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An old, old, old HP repost

Talking to my kids and mentioned a fic I did once for the Raising Harry ficathon. They demanded to read it so I found it, polished it up, and here it is.

Love you, kids.

Title: Please Check the Place and Time
Disclaimer: Jo Rowling and various companies, like Bloomsbury and Scholastica, own it all and make all the money. I just do this for fun.
Summary: When you're fugitive kidnappers who move constantly you sometimes lose track of a few little each other.
Ratings: PG-13 to R-ish, mostly for swearing and also for a bit of sex
Note:This is, very obviously, AU.

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bought the airline


So tired. Sleep would be so nice. I'm not even sure this ficlet is coherent but I've been up for two days. Love love to you.

(THAT REMINDS ME: I fixed the borked html in Momomasaki. So that huge chunk missing towards the end? Is now readable! *facepalm*)

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