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So I found Erin's offerings in the effort to help Japan going on over at arashi_on and I ran for it like a mad thing and glommed on and I GOT A MANIP OF YESUNG AND MISONO TOGETHER.

It is beautiful and I love it and I am so, so, so happy. I love playing Misono and I love Misono with Yesung in our game (*coughbeinghuman_rpcough*). And now I have a picture of their tiny, happy family.

And she was SO FAST. I am in awe. I love her.

Thanks, sunnydreams416!

Hallmark Moment

Ohno was sprawled on his stomach on the sofa in the resting room, pens and markers scattered around him. It was silent and serene until Nino sat down in the small of his back. And then it was warm and serene and slightly less silent as Nino hummed to himself and read manga.

"Whatcha doin', Oh-chan?" he asked after a little while.

Ohno grunted absently.

"Oh, okay then," replied Nino, going back to his book.

Warm and calm and quiet and Aiba popped into the room. Not loudly but he was such a bright person, so unintentionally brilliant, that both Ohno and Nino looked at him. "Hey, Aiba-chan," Nino greeted him while Ohno just smiled and went back to his work.

Aiba beamed. "Good morning!" he smiled it at them, happy. "What's Leader doing?"

"Making a card," Nino told him. He hooked his arm around Ohno's ankles and pulled them up, making a place for Aiba to sit down.

"Card? What kind of card?" Aiba plopped into the space and leaned against Nino, trying to see over Ohno's shoulder. "Is that—?" he started.

"Yeah," said Nino. "It's a sympathy card."

Jun and Sho entered the room together, side by side, each of them tossing their stuff in different directions. There seemed to be a looming dark cloud over the pair.

"Good morning!" Nino beamed.

Aiba giggled. "Morning!"

Ohno looked up. "Did you know they don't make sympathy cards that say 'I'm sorry you banged the same chick at the same time and got the same embarrassing STD from her'?" he asked.

Jun glared at Sho.

Sho glared back. "You picked her up!" he snapped.

"So I'm making you one," Ohno went on peacefully. He held up his project. "I didn't get any details so I hope this was how you did her." He went back to work on the picture, filling out the breasts even more and making the ass a little tighter.

"…" said Sho, hiding his face in his hands.

"..." said Jun in open dismay.

"I like it," Aiba offered.

Nino laughed.

"Oh!" said Ohno, looking up from his drawing, in sudden realization. "Good morning!"


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Mar. 19th, 2011 10:45 am (UTC)
I ♥ them a lot.
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