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Help Japan: aka pimping for a cause

So we've all heard about the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami and waves that have hit Japan, killing thousands and destroying much. Well, as before, fandom is kind of coming together to help out.

This is the link to arashi_on's fundraiser for Japan. And as they said: I know most of us are broke or young or both but if you can and you want to, then you could check it out.

I heard about this from flange5 who proves YET AGAIN that she is my god.

And now, because I like to package my pimps:

The Buddy System

The atmosphere on Valentine's Day was giddy. Full of girly giggling and flittering about. Even on set there was a fair share of it, despite Manabe's insistence that they film normally. Kenta was faintly amused by it all, especially when Youko gave Mamoru chocolate that was obviously not obligation like everybody else had got.

"You owe me," Michiru whispered, sidling up beside him as they got into position.

"Gambling is forbidden," he whispered back.

"We still made a bet and I bet that going back on it is worse than gambling. That's breaking a promise."

"That's breaking a promise," Kenta mocked in a whine.

"Yano-kun!" Manabe barked.


Michiru laughed at him from the safety of the Macaron Kids.

Kenta stuck his tongue out at her.



Kenta cornered her after filming, just outside her dressing room door. "All right, brat," he told her, looking up and down the hall before holding out the thousand yen note. "But if Manabe finds out, I'm telling her it was your idea."

Michiru snatched it from his hand and smiled sweetly. "She'd never believe you in a million years," she said as she opened her bag to put it away.

Kenta saw the ribbon and acted without thought. "Aha!" he pulled the red box free, all shiny and bright. "Going to see that kid, huh?" he asked, flipping the tag over.

"Give it back!" Michiru demanded, reaching for it.

He held it above her head. "No way, it has my name on it!" he told her. "And you already gave me one so is this—OW!" He nearly dropped the box as she kicked him in the shin. "Hey, what gives?"

Michiru tore the box out of his hands. "Forget it."

Her face was pink and her eyes wouldn't meet his.

Kenta felt his jaw drop. "No way," he said.

Michiru gave him a withering stare. "It's not like that. That's why you're not getting them." She turned on her heel and marched away.

Kenta rubbed his shin as he watched her leave. He didn't realize he was still holding the tag from the box until he looked down to hike up his pants to see if he was bleeding. He turned it over and then flicked it open. 'For being my best friend', it said on the inside in neat and precise kanji.


"Told you so," he told her on White Day as Youko threw Mamoru's chocolates back in his face.

"The day isn't over yet," Michiru reminded him.

He was a little concerned by how smug she was.

"Brat!" He planted himself in front of her dressing room, not letting even Anzu and Nina move him. "If you talked to her, that's cheating!"

"It's not cheating and anyhow, nobody said I couldn't," Michiru shook her head as she came out. "Pay up."

He'd known there was no way he was getting out of it. He passed her the five thousand yen note. "I'm going to tell Manabe that you're a real shark," he informed her.

"She'll never believe you," she said in a superior tone as she opened her bag. "Ah!" she stopped short as Kenta caught her hand. She looked up at him.

He turned her hand over and laid a white box in her palm. "This is my return," he told her. "For this time last month."

She colored scarlet and only quick moving saved his shin. "Why are you awful?" she demanded.

Dodging another kick, Kenta glared at her. "Why are you? Weren't you the one who started it?" He shook her hand, noticing the way her fingers tightened so that she didn't drop the box of chocolate. "Open the stupid box, will you?" Glaring back at him she at least stopped trying to maim him and twisted her hand free, and moved to open the box. Kenta stepped back and folded his arms. She was really getting to be too big, too much of a teenager, to be a Macaron Kid. The show was going to have do something, make her the little sister or something soon, he thought. "You're just totally not cute," he told her.

Michiru didn't look like she'd heard him. In fact, she didn't look at him at all.

"Hey, say something," he told her.

Her head dipped lower over the box, her hair hanging over her eyes. "Oh," she whispered after a moment.

"Oh," he mimicked. "Geez."

"Shut up!" she told him.

He smiled a little because she'd lifted her head and her cheeks were pink and her eyes were shiny. "You shut up. Who started this, huh?" She glared. He rolled his eyes. "Tch. Who followed me up to the roof for my smoke break, huh? That day, right? That was you. So don't go all snappish on me."

"You're a jerk," she huffed.

"And you still called me your best friend. Besides, you're a shrew. You kept my chocolate and you kicked me."

"And you still called me your best friend," she returned. "Even after that."

"I'm going to take that away," Kenta warned her, grabbing for the box in her hand.

She shook her head and then took the overlapped white hearts out of the box and snapped them apart, handing him one. "So then…" she said.

"Yeah, let's stay together a long time," Kenta nodded. He popped the chocolate into his mouth and then put a hand on her head. He gave her a good, solid thump. "But not if you kick me again like last time. I still have that bruise."

Michiru knocked his hand away and then linked her arm with his as he lowered it. "I cried that day because you were so embarrassing," she told him. "So you have to buy me a vanilla hot chocolate to make up for that."

"You have all my money," he told her, pulling her in the direction of the doors. It wasn't like there wasn't a coffee place right next door anyhow. "You pay for it."


"I am not a NEET!"


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Mar. 12th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
Love this Kenta and Michiru banter (I can really picture this scene). Kenta is this annoying older brother who irritates you but you know that he will punch anyone who will dare make you cry.
Mar. 15th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC)
Kenta and Michiru are so adorable. I really love their whole sibling rivalry-esque bffness. Also, Mamoru = love. I can perfectly picture his face in both lines.
Mar. 15th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC)
Oh, SO CUTE. I love this! It makes me want to rewatch Uta no Onii-san. ♥
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