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Links to past parts! First and second. Even though this was written after some other stuff, this is three. This is--after a jump of several months time-- four. There's a fifth that takes place after part three and before part four but I'm not sure WHERE. And now part six. Stupid deadfic.

Jun has the distinct impression that this cat…thing…hates him.

He narrows his eyes.

The cat narrows his.

"Me too," he tells it.

"Leave Pigeon alone, you big bully!" Mao scolds him, scooping up the glaring puffball.

Jun narrows his eyes at her. She loves that thing after only two days. But, then again, Mao thinks that Ninomiya is the cutest thing she's ever laid eyes on. "That cat doesn't like me."

Mao nuzzles the cat's head. "Well you keep making the Doumyouji face at him!" she says. She gives Jun the Makino-glare. "Try being nice to him!"

"You're talking about Ninomiya again, aren't you?" he asks on a sigh.

"He's so sweet!" Mao answers him. She tucks the cat to her side and comes to sit in his lap. "Jun, I know how the press is. I know how the company is. I know how you worry but…"

Jun tucks her close. "It's just not good, Mao. I can't help it. I thought he was trying to stay away from Leader and then he turns up in Tokyo…"

"I had business here," Ninomiya says. He's in the doorway. Jun hadn't heard the door even open. AND he doesn't remember giving Ninomiya a key. "It was unlocked," Ninomiya says, as though he's read Jun's thoughts.

From the way Mao pinches him, however, Jun's going to guess that Ninomiya read his scowl. "I know that," he scowls even more. Ninomiya has been staying with him and Mao for the past two days. He's seen him doing reams of paperwork at his own table for two nights. He's had to wonder why the hell SHO isn't keeping this guy for two days.

The cat meows and twists in Mao's arms. She beams and sets it on its feet so that it can go to Ninomiya. "Hey, Pigeon," he says. He doesn't bend to pet it. Instead he sort of steps on it a little and it rolls onto its back to bat at his foot.


Jun gets up. "I'll go make dinner."

Ninomiya joins him in the kitchen. "Look," he says, chopping the vegetables that Jun laid out. Without even asking, though he DID rinse his hands. "I just…"

Oh, god, they are not going to TALK, are they? "No, no, no! I—"

"He won't leave me alone," Ninomiya says. "No matter what I say or where I go he's around. Niijima isn't that big."

"You like it," Jun says. He'll cop to it sounding really accusatory.

Ninomiya gives him an acid stare. "I can't help liking him but I know how the world works, okay?"

"Quit saying that," Ohno says from the kitchen doorway.

Jun very carefully does not have a heart attack. "How the hell did you get in?"

"I locked the door!" Ninomiya protests.

"I let him in," Mao beams.

"Quit saying that," Ohno says again. He folds his arms and stares at Ninomiya.

Ninomiya pulls an eyelid at him. "You quit saying that," he says.

Mao beams a little more.

Jun kicks Mao and Ohno out of the kitchen but he doesn't say another word to Ninomiya as they work. Ninomiya doesn't seem like he wants to talk, either. It's kind of awkward and Jun accidentally drops a shrimp on the cat's head because he suddenly feels like he's seventeen again. The cat eats it and then sits down to stare at him. God damn it.

Dinner is mostly pleasant except for the way the cat sits by Jun's feet. It doesn't look at him, just curls up on the floor with its half-tail swishing on Jun's stupidly expensive carpet. It's distracting.

Plus, Leader keeps staring at Ninomiya.

After dinner Mao volunteers to wash dishes. "Come help me, Jun!" she says sweetly.

Jun knows he's risking some serious cold shoulder but he refuses anyway. "Sorry. I'm talking to Leader."

Mao smiles. Grimly. "Jun," she says even more sweetly.

Ohno keeps looking at Ninomiya, not saying a word.

Ninomiya stands up. "I'll help."

"Jun's an idiot," Mao tells him, flashing him her megawatt smile.

Ninomiya laughs as he follows her to the kitchen.

Ohno stands up. "Sit down, Leader," Jun tells him sternly.

"It's not your place, Jun-kun," Ohno tells him. Soft but firm. Leader, not just Ohno.

"Yeah, it is." They're in his damn apartment, aren't they? "I know what you meant," he snaps when Ohno looks like he's going to say it again. "And it is. Can't you just leave that guy alone?"

"No." Ohno rubs his chin. "And if I could, I wouldn't. I'm sorry, Jun," he says and he at least has the grace to look as though he actually is sorry about something. "Hey, Pigeon," he says, looking down at the cat. He, like Ninomiya, pets it with his foot. "You enjoying your trip with Nino? I didn't bring Nino to see you, this time. I was filming."

"Don't change the subject. Leader…"

"Jun." Ohno looks at him and Jun stops because it's no good arguing.

The cat flops over and his torn-away ear is over the toe of Jun's sock.


"How is filming going?" Jun can't believe he's this much of a pushover, to be honest.

He also can't believe how damn lucky it is that Ninomiya called Sho when he came to Tokyo.

Ninomiya is doing his paperwork stuff at the table again now that the dishes are done and Ohno is watching him like he is the most fascinating thing ever to have eyes rested on it. Jun has seen Ohno pay less attention to food than he is paying to Ninomiya right now.

If Ohno had got to him first at the airport Jun is willing to bet that there'd be a scandal right now. He can kind of see the headlines. "Idol Star Jumps Boy Toy at Airport' or 'Filming Held Up as Arashi's Ohno Satoshi goes Missing in Action'. Or worse 'Gay Sex Scandal—Exclusive Photos Inside!'

"Keep it up, Oh-chan, and I'm going to put your eyes out with my pencil," Ninomiya says offhandedly.

"I like watching you work," Ohno replies easily.

Jun snorts.

Neither Ohno nor Ninomiya pay him any mind. "I ever tell you what a creepy stalker you are?"

Ohno smiles. It's lazy and tilted and amused. "You watch me work. Toma said he lent you the dvds of my last drama."

"He did, huh? Did he tell you about the summer he was fifteen? That's a good story. You should ask him about it. August, end of. Right in the thick of tourist season."

Jun doesn't know who Toma is and it's…to be honest, it's a little bit strange thinking of Ohno having a life on that island, full of people and things that Jun—and Arashi—don't know about.

"Jin already told me that Pi said that Toma told him that the two of you kissed when you were kids," Ohno says.

Ninomiya rolls his eyes. "Ask him about it anyhow. He deserves it."

Ohno's smile is so fond, so affectionate, so open that Jun kicks him under the table. "Don't you have filming?" he asks. "You know damn well you have to get through wardrobe, hair, and make-up before they roll."

"I know," Ohno says. He's still looking at Ninomiya. "Nino, walk me to the door?"

Ninomiya protests before Jun can. "I'm working, you dummy."

Mao, in the doorway, clasps her hands over her heart. Why is she such a girl sometimes? "Jun~~~!" she calls.

He ignores her.

So do Ohno and Ninomiya.

"I'm going to kiss you," Ohno says and Jun literally chokes on nothing. "I thought you'd rather do it by the door so it's a little more private."

Ninomiya puts a hand over his eyes. "What the hell is wrong with you, Oh-chan?" he asks wearily.

"Jun," Mao says. Then, perkily—so bubbly that it is the most fake thing Jun has ever heard and he's heard Shun fake an orgasm just to make Abe scream like a girl—"Bring Pigeon to the kitchen so I can feed him."

The cat, when Jun looks down, is asleep. "Mao," he says.

"Nino," says Ohno. He reaches out and puts one hand on Ninomiya's shoulder, runs it up and slides his fingers beneath the collar of his shirt, tugging it aside. Jun can see him watching his own fingers on Ninomiya's skin. "Walk me to the door."

Ninomiya stands up. His eyes are heavy lidded and he's looking at Ohno's mouth and Jun is about to step in—somebody has to do something—when Ninomiya leaves the room.

Ohno follows him.

Jun follows him. Somebody has to do something.

"JUN." Mao is not kidding around. She grabs his wrist as he passes in an iron grip. "So help me," she tells him. Jun's not sure which is worse: Ohno following Ninomiya, Mao glaring at him for real, or the fact that under Mao's glare is some real sympathy for—well, maybe all of them.

He still follows Ohno.

Ohno has stopped Ninomiya at the door to the guestroom, the room that has been his for the last two days. He's got him pinned to the doorjamb with a hand at his shoulder. "Stop it, Oh-chan," says Ninomiya.

"You stop it," Ohno tells him. "Stop it, Nino. Just stop."


"I'm going to kiss you," Ohno says. For some reason it sounds like something more than a promise of lips against lips. "Right now. So just stop. Stop," it's a whisper and it's practically against Ninomiya's mouth and Ninomiya has stopped fighting and he's… Jun turns away at the sight of Ninomiya's hands lighting at Ohno's waist. He's seen men being intimate before. That's not the problem.

He's not sure what the problem is anymore.

Mao is sitting on their bed, the stupid and messed up cat in her lap. "I love you," she tells him softly.

Jun sits beside her and rests his head against hers. The cat looks at him from Mao's lap and he puts his hand out. It nudges his fingers with its nose. "Me too," Jun says.


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Oct. 20th, 2010 01:21 pm (UTC)
Ohno is amazing. *_________*
Oct. 20th, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
W-when did this get so heartwrenching? ;___;

Aww Jun, you awkward, well-meaning baby. I wonder when Jun will realize that Nino holds basically the same view about Ohmiya's relationship as he does? Especially since Nino had elected not to stay with Ohno while in Tokyo? (The way you write Jun and Nino here...those two get my heart every time.)

I really like how you portray Ohmiya in a world of their own without anything more than just dialogue. It's a very intimate way of bringing that home, especially in Jun's perceptive eyes. Plus, Mao! ♥

he's heard Shun fake an orgasm just to make Abe scream like a girl

Nov. 18th, 2010 06:20 am (UTC)
Jun and Mao and the cat named Pigeon!!! ♥

Coherence is failing me at the moment so um, other than to say I'm loving this 'verse so, so much and your character dynamics are incredibly apt and tight yet fluid and you have this thing for writing the best supporting characters who'd totally steal the show, except they can't possibly do so because it's Ohmiya, pookit, and you write them so well and and...

...um. Shutting up now, sorry! >__>
Jun. 2nd, 2011 04:00 pm (UTC)
Ohno is pants and naming things. If you can't reach the original entry about the cat, I did move it to my LJ and the link is updated in the newer parts. Just in case.

kajsdl;sdj;l COHERENT I AM NOT. Your comments are so wonderful. I do worry about dynamics and about locking the characters into certain roles and certain ways of being with each other. TO hear it called tight but fluid makes me just insanely happy. And my supporting characters!

aslfjs;klj I'm so glad you like them. I feel like they are a guilty pleasure every time I mix them in because they just show up and are awesome and then leave. I always wonder if it takes away from the story. But! This IS Ohmiya.

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