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The way things are: It's all right

So, I've been prompt collecting again (seriously--I know some very brilliant minds) and I'm going to be doing the 12 Days thing again (so if you gave me a prompt, it could end up as part of that) so what do I do today? Write some more of that Sho/Jun thing. There's going to be at least one more part. Possibly two. This is why I normally write the whole thing before posting it, instead of doing it by parts. Because I'm terribly SLOW.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

The Way Things Are: It's All Right

The thing that Sho couldn't figure out was how it happened that he was getting fed regularly by his various bandmates; eating out with Jun had become a two-or-three-times-a-week thing and then there was nights out with Ohno and Aiba. Between the Curiosity Team and Jun, he was eating more in a day than certain bandmates of his ate in a week. He said as much to Nino while sprawled on the resting room sofa with him, watching him play Power Pro Kun Pocket 12.

"I'm not even the one who needs to eat," he told Nino.

Nino didn't look up from his DS. "I ate two sandwiches at lunch today, Mommy."

"Mommy?" said Aiba. "Oh, you mean Sho-chan, right?"

Sho looked up to see Aiba, Jun, and Ohno in the doorway. Aiba was wrapped around their leader, who was bent nearly double and gamely giving him a piggyback ride. "Masaki, get down from there," he sighed as he sat up.

Aiba ignored him, instead tightening his arms around Ohno's shoulders. "Is Sho-chan badgering you to eat more, Nino?" he asked. "Because I can feed you, you know. I always have food at my apartment. And it's not all leftovers from the restaurant, either."

"I will let Sho cook for me before I let you trap me alone in your apartment," Nino said without looking away from his game.
"That's mean!" Sho said at the same time as Aiba. "I can cook, you know," Sho said.

"But Sho-chan would poison you," Aiba said, drowning out Sho's voice as Ohno dumped him into Nino's lap. "I'd make love to you."

Nino, who hadn't looked up from his game when Aiba landed on him, looked up with a incredulous expression. "Did you just say 'make love'?"

"Fuck?" Aiba offered hopefully.


Sho tuned out the conversation as Ohno volunteered 'embrace' and turned to Jun. Jun had his coat over his arm. "Are you ready to go?" he asked. Some tiny, traitorous part of him noticed how close Jun's hand was to his shoulder on the back of the sofa. His fingertips were just a hairsbreadth away, relaxed and casual, comfortably close. He ignored it all with practiced ease. Mostly. "I'll get my coat," he said when Jun nodded.

"I've—" Jun said and Sho did his best to not see the slight color that lit Jun's cheeks as he shifted aside his coat to reveal Sho's own underneath it. "Thought it would save you the trouble," he said with a shrug.

Sho did his best not to blush a little, too. It was just a crush. Jun had a little crush. He had a little crush. They were both ignoring it because it was just…just a crush. "Thanks," he said, more softly than he really meant to, with more of a smile than was probably smart.

Jun smiled back at him as he gave him his jacket and opened his mouth to say something that Sho didn't catch because at that same time Nino said his name in a tone that never boded well for Sho's dignity.

"—with Sho?" Nino was saying. "You could go over and stick your hand down Sho's pants."

Sho looked over to see that Aiba had managed to work one hand between Nino and the couch and, possibly, between Nino and Nino's pants. Ohno was cracking up quietly to the side. "Leave my pants out of this," Sho said, tugging on his coat.

"I'm not going to stick my hand down Sho-chan's pants while he's dating MatsuJun," Aiba said at the same time.

Things came to a screeching halt inside Sho's head for a moment and then he drew in a careful breath. He thought that Satoshi must have noticed his sudden stillness because he blinked and then spoke. "What does dating MatsuJun have to do with it?" he asked.

Traitor, Sho thought uncharitably. "What date?" he said carelessly, stomping down the tiny voice inside that piped up about his date, the one he'd been looking forward to. "We're just getting dinner together." He didn't look at Jun as he extended the invitation, "Do you guys want to come with?"

He was hoping that they would say 'no'. It wasn't, he thought to himself, even about his stupid crush. It wasn't about being alone with Matsumoto Jun. It was just that Jun was a very driven person and that made talking about the serious aspects of their work—separate or together—enjoyable. And, being Jun, he was also silly enough to follow when Sho's more moronic sense of humor took flight. The others weren't incapable of either of those it was just that Jun was really good at switching between the two, at reading Sho's mood lately. It wasn't about being alone with Jun.

"Are you trying to feed me again?" Nino demanded.

Sho ignored the way Nino was obviously pinching Aiba and focused on the fact that his best friend was getting defensive about a free meal. "You need to eat more."

"I'm gonna feed him!" Aiba said. He slid his arms around Nino's neck and pulled him into a crushing hug. "Oh-chan can come with so that Nino will trust me."

"Cool," said Ohno.

"That doesn't help!" Nino protested.

Aiba beamed at Sho. "I'll feed him lots of protein," he said. "So don't worry, okay, Sho-chan? Lots of protein. Pure protein."

"Oh, god," Jun said.

"I want protein," Ohno requested in that sweet, sad voice he used whenever he was 'picked on' by one of his bandmates. Or whenever he wanted to be a little bastard intent on making Sho's brain suffer, whichever came first.

"I don't want to hear this," Sho agreed with Jun. He waited a half a second for Jun to shove him at the door, like he always did when it was a dangerous situation for dignity and sanity. When it didn't come Sho reached back and curled a hand over one of Jun's shoulders and pulled, bring him along side him as he headed for the door.

"Perverts," Nino said.

"I was talking about karaage," Aiba said loudly as Sho escaped with Jun into the hallway.

Sho looked at Jun. "He wasn't talking about karaage."

"No," Jun agreed, hitting the button for the elevator. "Is there anywhere special that you want to go for dinner?"

"I thought you had a new place you wanted me to try," Sho said, frowning a little. Sho was slowly getting to know all of Jun's favorite restaurants and so a 'new' place had caught his attention.

The elevator doors slid open and Sho followed Jun in, watching as Jun leaned back comfortable in the corner, ankles crossed and hands braced on the rails. "I did but guess what their specialty item is."

"Karaage," they said together and Sho couldn't help laughing at the way Jun smiled as he said it, his eyes shining with amusement.

"I don't even want to think about putting it in my mouth," Jun said, laughing with him.

Sho had been an idol long enough that he could keep a laugh or a smile going even when his mind was suddenly elsewhere. He kept laughing with Jun as his mind veered wildly into images of what Jun might or might not put in his mouth that had almost nothing to do with karaage. He almost could have hated Aiba at that moment.

He certainly blamed Aiba for what he said next. "I can cook, you know."

Jun just laughed harder and it broke the tension that had coiled inside of Sho and he forgave Aiba for making him a momentary pervert. "I can!" he protested.

"How about if I cook?" Jun managed to offer between laughs.

The breath caught in his lungs, stuck on the way Jun was smiling at him so openly, still laughing with his eyes as he waited for Sho's answer. "All right," he said and it felt like he was somehow agreeing to something more than Jun's offer of dinner. He thought he should care more about that than he did, but he couldn't quite bring himself to that point when Jun's laughter was dying away, his smile softening. "But I really can cook," he said and listened to Jun laugh again.

ETA: DUDES! ickaimp has made me love Christmas again. Cthulu Carols. And I thought I could not love her more after the buttplug poll.