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Yeah, apparently I lied about Kamen Rider Kabuto fic. I mean, I have something that will probably go up tomorrow but SLKFJSL:FJ HARD. Characterization is HARD. So instead you get some stuff that I wrote while making dinner and then while Edward and I filled out school registration forms and whatnot.

For those of you in Becky's journal who might have seen my comment about the 'Sho and Ohno art one' the first one was what I was talking about. The second one is because SOMEBODY (blood_opal, I am looking at YOU)gave me a plot idea that I worked into 'that other random Arashi thing' that I might (or might not) have mentioned.

Starts just after Shukudai episode 95 finished filming.

The cameras are off but the staff is still busy when Nino jumps him. Sho is not entirely surprised. "'s'up?" he asks, ruffling Nino's hair because Nino is there and his hair is actually pretty cute for once.

Nino drapes one arm across Sho's shoulder and lays heavy against Sho's back. "Give it," he says.

Sho thinks the saddest part is that even if he hadn't known why Nino came over he would have known what Nino was talking about anyhow. He hands Nino the sketchpad and takes it back again once Nino has torn out his drawing of MatsuJun's back. "I worked hard on that," he says.

Nino snickers and gives him a peck on the cheek. "It looks like it," he says and even Sho has to snicker because—despite really having worked hard on it—it's really awful.

"No really," Sho laughs. "Appreciate my effort before you throw it away."

There are times Sho doesn't really understand Nino and this is one of them. Nino doesn't laugh or make the joke. Nino undrapes himself and puts one hand on his hip, Sho's drawing held at his side. "Who said it's getting thrown away?"

Sho frowns. "What are you doing with it?" he asks. Nino has been collecting his drawings and throwing them away for years, after all. "Hey," he says, worried when Nino doesn't answer him. That Nino is both evil and easily amused is something that Sho has known for just about forever. Also known for just about forever: Sho is a pushover when it comes to certain people. "Hey!"

Nino's smile is both exasperated and fond. "I'm giving it to Captain, of course," he says before kicking Sho in the ass (gently) and wandering over to where Ohno is standing with Ogura.

"What's that?" Ogura asks and Sho can't help laughing as Ogura looks at him with exaggerated confusion. He doesn't hear what Ohno says.

In fact, he doesn't even think about it until he winds up at Ohno's house a few days after he returns from Beijing. Generally, if it's not Ohno going to Nino's or Nino going to Ohno's, nobody goes to another member's home. They see each other enough at work, for the most part, and it's easier to go out and get drunk and look at pretty girls (who are not members in drag) if they're not holed up in somebody's apartment.

But Ohno's present is a bit delicate and while Sho loves Ohno to the depth and the breadth and the height he does not trust Ohno to remember that he's carrying something with him, let alone something fragile. Ohno lets him in and shoos him in the direction of his bedroom while he goes to get sodas from the fridge. Sho hasn't been to Ohno's apartment in nearly eight years but finding his room is no problem; it's the one papered in fan letters, photographs and…and Sho stops and really looks around, setting Ohno's present down gently so that he doesn't drop it. Fan letters and photographs and pictures. Sho's pictures.

"My mom says you're too thin," Ohno says from behind him, pushing something ice cold against the back of his neck and making him jump. "I think she's going to let us get away with just these, though." Aside from two cans of soda, Ohno is holding two apples and a peeled, segmented orange. He pops one segment into his mouth and chews, pushing past Sho. "Why are you standing? My bed's actually cleared off for once."

Sho drops down to the bed next to Ohno and takes an apple, all without thinking about it. "Is this all of them?" he asks. He can see Totoro framed neatly by strips of photobooth stickers (mostly Ohno and his sister but some of the strips feature him and his parents).

Ohno follows the direction of Sho's gaze and his face wrinkles a little. "Huh? Oh. No. Not all," he says. "Nino's got a lot of them and Aiba has some." His face wrinkles a little more. "I think MatsuJun has a few but they're probably not hanging up because Shun would tease him about it."

His terrible drawings are on his bandmates walls. "Why?" he wants to know. Because Sho is honest enough to admit that he'd never hang them up and his parents probably wouldn't either. They're just that awful. "They're awful. Just…why?"

Ohno bites into his apple and looks around his room, his face caught between 'blank' and 'thoughtful'. "Well…" he says and he looks confused, like he's not sure he knows what answer Sho is looking for. "They're Sho-chan's art, right?"

"I…" Sho says. He only drew them because he had been the only one to volunteer to match against Ohno. "Satoshi…"

"So we kept them. And you tried hard." He nods firmly, the matter clearly settled.

(Sho doesn't hug him, but it's a near thing. Instead he sits on Ohno's bed and eats his apple and shares an orange and talks about what he did in Beijing when he wasn't on tv.)

Set before Shounen Club Premium 7.20.2008

Sho and Ohno and Nino were living together.


Sort of.

It was how Nino thought of it, at any rate. Technically Ohno still lived at home with his parents and technically Sho had his own apartment in Minato, near Daiba. Nino's apartment only had Nino's name on the lease and just the one futon but it was definitely where he lived with Ohno and Sho, as far as Nino was concerned.

He had their clothes in his closet and an extra dresser that held only their things. Sho's earrings and navel ring had a little dish on Nino's nightstand. Ohno's art supplies lived in a box in the living room on the shelf by the Wii. There was food that Nino didn't buy (and usually fish that Nino would rather die than catch) in the kitchen. There were newspapers everywhere and five nights out of seven, Nino did not sleep alone.

He'd given them each a key.

With Ohno he'd just put it on his key ring and wondered if Ohno had even noticed it was there until the day he'd come home to find Ohno staring at the toaster ("Hi, Nino. I don't think it caught fire?") with a hopeful expression.

Sho's key had required a lot of thought and some planning. He'd given it to him while making dinner one night. ("Here, toss this salad. That reminds me, I had a key made for you in case you ever need it or anything. It's on the table with the mail." "Did you—tossing the salad reminds you? Is that some sort of euphemism?")

They were absolutely living together and had been for the better part of two years. Nino didn't understand why sometimes, when he looked at Sho and Ohno sitting on the couch together, he felt something huge and horrible and wonderful bubble up inside of him. He should have been over that lovey crap.

But because he wasn't, he kicked Sho in the shin. "Oi," he said when Sho looked up, "I'm going shoe shopping with Aiba and MatsuJun in a little bit." He pressed his toes to the spot he'd kicked and flexed them.

Sho blinked at him. "I remember," he said. He looked back down at the paper he was working on and then back up again. "For Shounen Club P, right?"


"Okay," Sho said and Nino felt his heart pick up a bit at the way Sho smiled at him, so simply, like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Ohno pulled his head up so that he wasn't nose-to-nose with his sketchpad anymore (Nino made a mental note to himself to get a second set of glasses for him to keep at the apartment) and gave him a quizzical look. "How come you're going shopping with Jun and Aiba?"

Nearly ten years together meant that Nino understood what Ohno was really asking. "Because," he answered, pushing himself upright and tucking his legs under him so that he was sitting with his chin on Ohno's knees. "Because MatsuJun actually has good taste if you can put up with his bitchery and Aiba makes sure I don't strangle him with fifty dollar shoelaces," Nino said easily.

"I have taste," Ohno said with a small pout.

Nino stretched and kissed the tip of his nose. "Not even in your mouth," he said soothingly. "What are you working on?"

Ohno brightened. "We're working on our collection!" he said happily and his hand swooped over the page, carrying his enthusiasm across…Nino had to stand in order to lean over the top of the sketchpad and have a look. Ohno, he noted, hadn't gone across anything—he's swooped a giant pink line around some blobbly shape that had obviously been produced by Sho's hand. Leaning over more Nino glanced over at Sho's sketchbook. His page had a blobby thing, several swoops of color, and he was adding tiny diamond marks in the corners with a yellow gel pen.

Sho grinned at Ohno. "Our collaborative collection," he agreed. He handed Ohno his sketchpad and took Ohno's in return.

"Ahh, StyleFree," Nino said sagely.

"You're such a brat," Sho said, nudging Nino's ribs with his knee.

"We're gonna call it Sha—no," Ohno stopped and corrected "Shotoshi."

Nino snorted. "You can't call it that; you can't even say it." The buzzer for the street door went off and Nino stood up. "That's them," he said needlessly as he hit the button to let them in. "Neither of you cook anything; I'll pick up something on the way home."

That huge, horrible, wonderful feeling swelled up when neither of them disagreed with dinner or 'home', both Sho and Ohno busy scribbling away together but neither so busy that they wouldn't have noticed how casually he said it. Or how much he liked saying it to them.

"God, aren't you over that yet?" Jun said from behind him. Nino glared at his hand which had, in his absentminded state, unlocked the door AND opened it. Jun was wearing his amused-at-your-expense smile.

"Shut up. Have you looked at Aiba lately?"

Aiba grinned at Nino.

"Shut up," said Jun. "And we're not getting matching shoes. That's just retarded."

Should I be linking the previous parts? It's…sort of like a series? It's something I write when I've got nothing else going on in my brain? I unno? Anyhow Part One and Part Two. This is set during part two, for those concerned.

The Way Things Are: Time Out (an interlude with Aiba and Jun)

"Sho-chan!" Aiba said, barging in to Jun's dressing room.

"Wrong room," Jun told him. He hung up his hoodie and t-shirt and shrugged into his own soft sweater. "He's down a few, by Nino's."

Aiba sat down on the makeup counter. "No, I know this is yours. I mean I think you should talk to Sho-chan. About how you feel," he clarified. "And I know you already knew what I meant but I also know that you'd take it the wrong way if you could so that you could hit me and feel better so I cleared that up right away. That I think you should talk to Sho-chan about how you feel about him."

Jun closed his eyes and willed himself not to feel embarrassed. "Thank you," he said gravely, "I think he's got the idea."

"Jun-chan." There were times when Jun hated Aiba's perceptiveness, his straightforwardness, his Aibaness that made is so hard to pull into himself, closed-off and quiet. "Jun-chan," Aiba scolded. "You can't be mad I told him. Anyway, I thought he knew. And you can be mad I told Nino but not that I told Sho. That's the sort of thing that should get talked about before you start a serious relationship. Like how Leader and Nino talked about how they both like breasts." Aiba looked thoughtful for a moment. "Who doesn't like breasts, though?" he mused.

Since he understood the aesthetics of breasts, Jun didn't comment on that. "Sho was a lot happier not knowing about that," he said. "And probably the rest of it, too," he added.

"He came to us about it," Aiba said. He put his arm around Jun's shoulders and he was so warm and so easy to be close to that Jun didn't bother to throw him off. "It's not like I just said 'hey, Jun-chan and I tore up his sheets' to him."

"Oh, god, Masaki, keep it down," Jun muttered as they stepped out in to the hall. "Bad enough Nino keeps smirking about it; do you have to shout it to the world too?"

"Huh?" Aiba gave him a look of incomprehension and then apparently noticed their surroundings. "Well, it's empty now," he shrugged it off easily. "And mostly everybody already knows us anyhow. You should take Sho to dinner. He's lost weight, huh? Don't you think? Not bad like Leader or anything but…"

"If you want to feed him so bad, you take him to dinner," Jun muttered, letting Aiba steer him down the hall and away from the elevators all the same.

Aiba beamed at him. "Well, we were going to go, we were going to go as the Curiosity Team. But now I think you should talk to him and I should try to sleep with Nino."

Jun tripped over nothing but his own shock. "What?"

It was entirely possible that Aiba had been spending too much time with Nino, Jun rationed as Aiba's beaming smile increased to blinding. "I decided that I'm gonna sleep with everybody so that nobody feels weird about it."

There was the reason Jun could only love Aiba helplessly and forever: Aiba knew he felt strange about the situation—everybody knowing that he'd slept with Aiba, that he'd had a crush on each of them—and without really saying so, Aiba wanted to fix it. "God, you're such an idiot."

"Jun," Aiba said as they reached Sho's dressing room door. "You didn't ask why I think you should tell him." Aiba didn't give him time to say he wasn't interested. Aiba looked at him with deep eyes. "I think maybe he likes you. Like you like him."

Jun stared at him.

"Like maybe it's love, MatsuJun."

Reeling a little and unwilling to be scared by it, Jun opened Sho's door.

ETA: Part Four