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So I actually AM writing Kabuto fic but it's HARD. *whines* Characterization is hard to pin down and trying to get the right feel to it is even worse. I think the problem is that Kabuto, while giving you a lot to work with, also just plain GIVES YOU A LOT so that you don't have to work with it. It's kind of complete feeling, to me, and honestly satisfying so...blah. So I took a break from that to write retarded Arashi stuff. I did say that 'The Way Things Are' had more in my head and this is some of it. I suppose there might be another part eventually. And some little drabbles that sprang to mind while watching some Shukudai and Music Station.

But not tonight! Tonight I'm going to try to see Batman because Edward really wants to see Batman. And he was right about Iron Man so...(and hey, at least it's not HellBoy or the Hulk). So maybe tomorrow.

ETA: Part One.

The Way Things Are: More of the Same

Weirdly—in the way that no amount of thinking could ever, really ever, hope to make sense of—going to his bandmates had actually helped. Sho had decided that doing nothing about his feelings for Jun was absolutely the way to go. Because obviously he just had a crush on him. And Jun just had a crush, too. One that he'd get over and then…then start the cycle over again.

He was almost looking forward to Jun having a crush on Nino again. Watching Nino torment Jun would be fun, no doubt. But, at the same time, watching Jun look at Nino… Sho rubbed idly at his forehead.

"You could tell him," Ohno said quietly. He hadn't heard him come in. Ohno was in one of those rare moods, calm and serious and seeing far too much. "Sho-chan's unhappy gesture," he said, answering Sho's unspoken question, reaching out to touch one of Sho's eyebrows, smoothing his fingers over it.

"I'm just tired from the show," Sho replied, unzipping his VS Arashi hoodie. He'd meant to take it off earlier but had gotten caught by his own face in the dressing room mirror. He was supposed to be changing to go out to dinner with the Curiosity Team. "Pinball is seriously too much."

Ohno took the jacket from him and went to hang it up. "Nino and I told each other," he said.

Sho smiled. "You and Nino told the whole planet." Before Ohno could say anything else, Sho went on. "I'm not going to. It's just a crush." He was thankful he hadn't elaborated because Nino whirled into the room just as he finished speaking.

"Just a crush? Are we talking about Jun again? Because he's really trying to act like he doesn't have 'a maiden's heart' feelings and it's great." Nino looked rapturous.

Then something strange happened.

Nino looked at Ohno and suddenly his face went curious.

Sho looked at Ohno too and then at his best friend. "We're not talking about that," he said honestly. "Nino, leave MatsuJun alone. If he hits you with his rings on, it'll be your own fault."

Nino ignored him, focused on Ohno with a sharp intensity. Sho looked back at Ohno too. Ohno was calmly putting Sho's hoodie on a hanger. He looked up briefly as he put it on the rack wardrobe used for clothes needing to be cleaned. Nino's eyes went round with shock. "Eeeh?" he said.

"Satoshi," Sho said. "Don't say a word."

Ohno just looked at Sho and then back at Nino and, as far as Sho could see, he had zero expression on his face and no change in the relaxed set of his body.

"Sho!" Nino ran at him, practically spring boarding himself off the couch to land against Sho. Sho caught him automatically and Nino twined his legs around his waist and both arms around his neck, clinging to him and radiating glee. "You like Jun!"

"What the hell?" said Sho.

Ohno smiled placidly and settled himself against the back of the couch.

Nino leaned in until he was nose to nose with Sho. "You've been holding out. I'm hurt. Tell me every sordid, sweaty detail."

"I have my hands on your boyfriend's ass," Sho said to Ohno. "Don't you care? Come do something about it!" A man, he thought, had to have some hope.

Ohno blinked at him. "I'm watching," he said plaintively, as though that were the appropriate action any man should have taken and Sho was asking him to put some Herculean effort into doing anything else.

So Sho pinched Nino's ass. "You're such a brat," he said.

"Captain!" Nino complained, twisting in his arms to look at Ohno, "Sensei is pinching my butt like some sort of pervert!"

Sho did his best not to laugh, putting his face against Nino's neck because Nino was such a brat and he loved him anyhow. Nino smelled like fading cologne and a little of the pleasant tang that came from working up a good, clean sweat and Sho wondered why he'd picked Jun as his first member-related crush. Nino was warm and cute and silly and clever and wrapped around him like a lover and he felt almost exactly like he was cuddling his little brother. Except he never felt like dropping his little brother on his ass. OR on his head. "You jumped me and I'm the one acting like some sort of pervert?" he said instead, hitching Nino up a little so that his belt buckle wasn't cutting into his zipper anymore.

Nino tucked his tongue into his cheek. "MatsuJun is Arashi's baby," he said. "And you're thinking impure thoughts about him."

"I am not!"

"Like," Nino went on, sly and wicked, "what if it was HIM in this position with you."

"I am NOT." Jun, he thought, would never be in Nino's position. Jun had those long legs and that sort of graceful way of moving. And Jun…Jun wouldn't treat sex like it was a game. He'd have fun with it, yes, but not like it was some sort of toy. Jun had his walls and if he took them down, got close, it would be because it meant something. Jun might wrap his arms around his neck, the way Nino's were, but he'd stand on his own two feet. Maybe tangle their legs to throw him off balance, trip him back into the wall. And if he did that, it would be with one of two looks on his face; the dark, serious deep look or else he'd have that stupid grin of his that was so heart-stoppingly cute anyhow…

"You are now," Nino observed.

"I hate you so much," Sho said feelingly.

"Hate who?" Aiba asked, coming in with an arm around Jun's shoulders. They both stopped short in the door.

"Oh," said Jun.

"Unfair!" said Aiba. "I was gonna make a move on Nino! I've decided I'm gonna do all of you."

Sho buried his face in Nino's neck for another moment and wondered again why he'd been so determined to stick with Johnny's. "Take him," he said to Aiba. He moved his hands from Nino's butt to Nino's waist and tried to shove him in Aiba's direction.

Nino clung to him stubbornly. "I'm not done with you!"

"C'mon! It'll be good!" Aiba said, his arms wrapping around Nino from behind, up over his chest, and tugging hard. "Ask Jun-kun! It's good!"

Jun made a sound of despair which was almost mostly covered by Aiba prying Nino loose and promptly toppling over with him.

"I can't see," Ohno said. "Can you turn a little?"

Sho grabbed Jun by the arm and scuttled them both into the hallway while the others were preoccupied. They collapsed back against the wall side-by-side, laughing for no real reason at all. He looked at Jun, mouth opened to speak, and couldn't say a word. He looked away before he could blush. He hated having a crush. "We should probably run for it while they're distracted."

"Yeah." In the peripheral of his vision Jun moved, liquidly casual. "Masaki said you guys were going to eat. We could go. If you want--?"

"Yeah," Sho said and he didn't even know which part of him was answering—the stupid crush or the part of him that would have wanted to get something to eat with Jun anyhow.

ETA: Part Three.