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Day 2, xxxHOLiC, Doumeki/Watanuki (Pg)

I had zero time in November, which is only meaningful in relation to my ability to write for 31_days. I loved almost every day—and started fics for a good many of them—but never was able to finish. This fic was originally started for the sixth: Come with me, under my coat. (For those interested, yesterday's offering had been the idea for the eighteenth: bergamot and vetiver.)

ETA: For the record, this is all ONE story and not a series of drabbles. Consider it a series of snapshots in their lives that lead to, well, the last bit.

(Un) Deniable Loves

"One of these days," says Doumeki, looking over his shoulder "your job is going to get us killed."

Watanuki glares at him, all blue eyed and purple lipped. "S-s-shut up," he says through chattering teeth. "Can't you s-s-s-shiver like a n-normal person?"

Doumeki gives him a tiny, tiny hint of a smile. "No?" he says.

Watanuki makes an exceedingly rude hand gesture.

Doumeki figures that now would not be the time to bring up Zen meditation. Because Watanuki is shivering so hard that it's affecting his ability to walk, Doumeki stops. He lets Watanuki walk into his back because…well, just because.

"Cretin," Watanuki shivers.

"Idiot," returns Doumeki affectionately. He rubs his hands roughly up and down Watanuki's arms, and then catches his hands. He rubs them briskly between his own before dipping his head to blow warmly over Watanuki's icy fingers.

Watanuki doesn't pull away. "Pervert," he says.

Doumeki blows one last hot breath over the slender fingers held between his own and then straightens. "Hm."

"Anyhow," says Watanuki, not shivering as noticeably as he begins the long, irritated stalk back to Yuuko's, "anyhow, my job has nothing to do with you. You're perfectly safe."

"Hm," says Doumeki again.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" asks Watanuki, wanting to beat Doumeki's head against the pavement. "Really, what the hell?"

Doumeki lies on the ground and bleeds a little more blood into the cracks of the sidewalk. "Duck next time," he suggests dryly.

Because Doumeki sounds mostly fine, Watanuki really does bounce his thick skull off the ground. It's a distance of maybe two inches from the arm he slid under Doumeki's head to the ground and he's gentler than that Doumeki deserves, but it's something. "Shoot it next time," he advises, "since that's the whole point of me distracting those things."

"Don't do that again," says Doumeki, pushing himself up to sit and groping around for his bow.

Watanuki throws his hands up, handing Doumeki his bow as he does so. "This is why you suck at my job," he informs him. He folds his arms, glaring helplessly as Doumeki struggles to his feet. "Oh for the love of—" he mutters under his breath. He ducks under the arm not occupied with the bow and slings an arm around Doumeki's waist.

"What?" asks Doumeki, staring at him.

"Moron," Watanuki grumbles, pushing off for Yuuko's. "If we ransom our souls, she might give you a Band-Aid," he adds on an entirely unrelated note.

After half a block, Doumeki coughs a little and says, "Don't you have bandages?"

Tons, thinks Watanuki. "We're not going to get my bandages," he says.

"They're free," says Doumeki, by way of answer. "For me," he adds. "Also," he says after a beat, "I think you owe me some."

The truth makes him gnash his teeth. "Do you have any clue how far it is to my place, you heavy bastard?" he asks. "The shop is closer."

"Hm," says Doumeki. Very noticeably, his weight shifts off of Watanuki's supporting shoulders.

"I'm not some girl!" Watanuki kicks Doumeki's ankle so that Doumeki has no choice but to lean on him. "Just lean on me, you ungrateful—ingrate!"

He does and Watanuki is content to lecture Doumeki on his shortcomings all the way back to the death-trap he calls work.

"You know," says Doumeki calmly, "you probably don't want to be here."

Watanuki scowls and folds his arm and taps his foot. "I'm already here, it would seem!"

Doumeki looks at the half-naked Watanuki beside him and then back at the fuming, fully dressed Watanuki in front of him. "Well, yes," he admits. "For quite some time," he adds helpfully.

The naked Watanuki snuggles up behind him and kisses his back.

The clothed Watanuki hisses.

"I can't help what I dream about?" Doumeki offers.



Enraged shriek.

Naked Watanuki cowers under his bed.

Doumeki can't help the way his lips twitch at his unexpected Watanuki. The real one. He smiles. "That was interesting," he says.

Watanuki glares at him and then gives him a very odd, very suspicious look. Then he looks positively ill. "Oh, my god," he breathes. "Haruka-san, that's not you, is it?"

Doumeki feels a little green around the gills himself. "No."

Watanuki drops down next to him on the bed and lies back with a relieved sort of flop. "Oh, thank God," sighs Watanuki. And Watanuki smiles at him, all blue-eyed and pink-cheeked and amused and open.

"You know I'm naked in here, right?" Doumeki asks.

"Oh, that's it!" snaps Watanuki. "I am waking up right now!"

He storms out in a huff, the door rattling as it slams shut behind him. Doumeki leans down. His previous Watanuki blinks back at him. "Sorry," he says to the naked boy under his bed. "Could you leave too?" he asks. "You're just…not what I'm after, after all," he explains before waking up with a sigh.

"I had the weirdest dream last night," says Watanuki, looping his arms over the top of the fence around the archery practice area. He's very careful not to look at Doumeki.

"Hm," says Doumeki.

"Quit laughing," Watanuki orders him, glaring at the fletching of the arrow in Doumeki's hand. "You don't even know what it was about!"

The arrow flies with a swish, cutting cleanly through the air. "I had a very interesting dream last night," says Doumeki, calmly fitting another notch to the string. "It started off with you and me," the arrow hits the target dead-center with a dull thunk, "in my---"

"Shut up!" Watanuki kicks the fence to make it rattle. "Are you stupid? We're at school!"

Doumeki looses another shot. "We're also alone. The rest of the team is still changing."

Watanuki rolls his eyes. Trust Doumeki to not get it. "Anyhow. Anyhow…" he falters. Doumeki smirks as yet another arrow finds the target. "Quit it."

"I can't help what I dream about," says Doumeki, and he lowers the bow, turning his head to look at him where he clings to the fence.

It's the same thing he said last night and Watanuki feels a dull blush wash into his face at the image it brings to mind. He rattles the fence because…well, just because. "Do you dream…that…a lot?" he asks quietly. "Because I need to know just what sort of pervert I'm dealing with here!" he adds loudly.

"If you want to know," Doumeki says, raising the bow again.

"Nobody wants to know anything!" protests Watanuki, watching the way the Doumeki makes the whole thing with the bow look effortless when he knows that it isn't.

"Yes," says Doumeki, letting the arrow sing. "Frequently."

The rest of the archery team spills out into the practice area. "What's your phone number?" Watanuki asks, letting go of the fence and dropping to his feet.

"What?" Doumeki misses. Badly.

Watanuki feels a lofty smile breaking out. "Your phone number," he says again, just to watch the way Doumeki fumbles the bow. His teammates are openly staring at them, stopped dead in the gate. "I don't have it."

Doumeki drops the bow, coming over to the fence and leaning over it. Tall bastard, thinks Watanuki, doesn't even have to stretch for it. "Why?"

Glaring, Watanuki shoulders his bag. "I'm not going to discuss your perversion in front of half the school."

After a moment, Doumeki nods. "Pen?" he asks. Watanuki hands him one and is searching for a scrap of paper when Doumeki takes his hand. The pen scratches over his palm in a very businesslike way. And then…Doumeki lifts his hand and blows on it, his breath cold over Watanuki's suddenly hot hand. "Call me whenever," Doumeki says.

"You wish!" Watanuki says, stomping off. "I'll call whenever!" he calls back, looking over his shoulder.

Doumeki misses the target again. Even worse.

He calls that night.


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Jan. 31st, 2009 02:09 am (UTC)
I love the first part and the last part. I like how Watanuki keeps making him miss.
Jul. 16th, 2009 06:42 pm (UTC)
That was so perfect. ;_;

Especially with how prissy Watanuki is. You do it so well. Lots of fics have him talking in all caps and it bugs me a bit. Your Watanuki is juuuuust right.

And I'll ditto with your Doumeki. He's just so him. XD
Jul. 18th, 2009 05:59 am (UTC)
Aaaand I liked the little bit where Doumeki just breathes on Watanuki's hand for no particular reason. And that Watanuki was able to catch him off-guard too.
Apr. 20th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
you got the tone of the manga down pat. i really enjoyed this story, thank you for sharing. :D
May. 1st, 2010 08:19 am (UTC)
*LOL* Exactly how did Watanuki end up in Doumeki's dream? Loved the moment when Watanuki thought for moment he'd walked into Haruka's dream...Poor Shizuka! I doubt he wanted to think of his gradnpa at the moment! Awkward indeed! *amused*
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