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TL;DR (later today there will be fic)

Wow, so I have been SO GONE lately. It's...a long set of stories, to be honest. To sum up: Ed's family is fucked up. Mentally and physically. Some hospital-visiting and some courtroom-happenings, all in Minnesota.

Lot of court time due to our 'extra' children. We had to become actual foster parents because one of our extras technically lives in another county. Looooots of court-time and home visits and classes.

Ton of work because the seven-year-old needs an expander and it's gonna cost. Why you gotta be a not-the-fun-type of mutant, child?

Spending time with many kids--I have a third kid who keeps trying to move in. Her family is super nice and very sweet but she's at that difficult age. During the summer the extras have lived with us most of the time. So I just spent a ton of time with the kids--my own and the others.

Occasionally keeping a baby in my house! Skyla's little girl (Mia) has been in my care a few times. I might be keeping her overnights a few nights a week so Skyla can sleep since school is starting again. (Jeremy, her dad, hasn't had a drink since she was born so I'm totally hopeful on that front, too.)

And teaching the oldest child to drive. We spend a lot of time on the road and spent a few days in Iowa so she could visit her Anime Iowa friends. It was fun watching teenagers terrorizing the park in Hetalia gear. (My child was Chibitalia.)

MATT AT FIRESTONE IS LEAVING ME. I love my mechanic. He took over for Walter and I still miss him, too. Woe. That was not why I was missing at all--that's just something I found out now. Saaaaaaaad.

But anyhow--so busy that I literally have not been online for more than beinghuman_rp in weeks. I haven't been on any messenger. I haven't checked my flist, either. Just. No energy for it. I'll be around more now and I'll poke at the flist but if something major is up, drop me a line.

I haven't even written a word of fic in ages. BUT. rainbowfilling has/had a deadline for me so you'll see something later today--for now I'm getting my oil changed and my tires rotated.

EDIT: ABOUT MY RP. beinghuman_rp has been rebooted. We now do month-by-month play (rather than week-by-week) and we've pretty much had a fresh start for most everybody. We're also down to just a handful of people. Sho and Aiba are both open (and I've heard Ohno might open up, too). Toma is open? KOREANS ARE OPEN. Seriously, Yesung is there. YESUNG. Come play!
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