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No clever title, sorry.

Final day of voting! for the shoneenclub June/July contest. Go read some fic and vote on it! Or just vote randomly! Voting is fun and empowering!

Also, you must click this picture to find the awesomeness that lives on the other side of the rainbow.
Rainbow Filling: an Arashi Rare Pair Challenge!

(Okay, okay, it's about Arashi rarepair bingo.)

Normally I have fic with my pimping but it has not been an easy past few days and I'm a bit tapped out. But please go vote at the contest and enjoy checking out the comm!

Your random word is: Why

He can't think on it too much or else he'll be lost in the thoughts, drifting through the universe inside his head as he tries to find an answer that is real, a reason that makes sense. Spacey Ohno Satoshi who gets lost so often. This is something he can't risk losing. "Don't," he says shakily as Nino opens his mouth. He can see the question in his eyes. "Don't ask me why."

Nino nods and then opens his door fully, opens his arms, and brings Ohno inside. "Let's sleep, yeah?" he says gently.

Ohno loves him. He kisses him just to silence the thought of it and swallows the new questions that come to fill Nino's mouth and sit at the tip of Nino's tongue. Don't ask, he thinks, don't ask.
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