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A request and some fic.

I...I truly do have the best people ever in my life. A package arrived today and I have to say I cried a little bit. Or, you know, enough to discombobulate my kids. (Mommy, why are you crying? says five-year-old. Mommy is happy! says I. Oh, obviously, says frazzled fourteen-year-old).

I'm in the middle of hosting a New Years party for Allie and her friends so expect e-mails tomorrow but for now...: REQUEST TIME.

Dear Flist and Lurkers That I Speak With Something Regular:

Please send me a picture of yourself. I'm going to make a locked post with my address and I will give it out to those who PM me and ask. But I have a special place for photos now and I want to fill it with you!


If you don't want me to have a photo-photo of you I would also accept stick-figures bearing your names (LJ too, plz).

I will even send out SASEs for you, if you want.

Now I've got to go play the New Moon board game with a bunch of twelve-year-old girls. I'm going to lose badly but I am happy about this.

Click me for fic!Collapse )


I saw mommy
kissing Santa Claus

BUT MOSTLY THIS. That is the fic somebody wrote for me at je_holiday and it is magnificent. I'm all kinds of in love with it. I am going to be late for work but it is so very, very worth it. Please go love on that author for me.

...and LOVE

I saw mommy
kissing Santa Claus

I'm not sure what's going on but today when I checked my e-mail I had six v-gifts. I think I missed a meme or something but whatever it was THANK YOU. I love you guys, too. In fact, if you sent me a snowflake and would like to leave me a character/pairing and a prompt I would like to write you each a drabble.

Randomly: Dear to f-list: Thank you for being on the internet. ♥

Now, back to cookie making for the kids' school concert bake-sale. (Note to self: Never again try to make snowflake cut-outs with the almond cookies This will always end in tears.)

Re-post from the JE Fuh-Q-Fest

So the reveals are up at je_fqfest. Without any bias whatsoever deliberation, I can say honestly that I love moonbyrd.

Seriously, though, there was so really amazing fic porn offered up in that exchange. This is a link to all the Arashi stuff. I still mean to get around to reading all of it and commenting, though. I might not know the bands but I know good fic when I read it.

My recipient was coiled_iris. I think I love her brain. Also, her comment.

Under the cut you will find my contribution. I decided to include all the title and pairing and rating and warning stuff because...well, I actaully have it written for once. Circe rejects giving you information unless forced!

Title: The Games He Plays

Pairing/Group: Arashi/Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari/Matsumoto Jun * Arashi (some bonus Toma thrown in as well)

Rating: SP. For Seriously Pornographic. There's a lot of porn in here.

Warnings: Heterosexual sex!!! Warning! Danger! Girl parts are mentioned! But it's all on the level of 'mention' so you should make it through all right. Mostly there is some sexual rough handling, mild bondage, and a touch of blood play. There is also a little exhibitionism/voyeurism, some cross-dressing, some quasi-threesomes and the abuse of at least one semi-public wall and a bathroom stall.

Summary: Jun plays a lot of games with his bandmates, but for his favorite game it can only be Nino.

Notes: For coiled_iris: I wish I could have done more. ♥ ♥♥. To my beta (whom I can now reveal as the truly magnificent waxrose): LOVE. BEYOND WORDS.

The Games He PlaysCollapse )

Regarding Fic

New stuff up at arashiroadtrip. It's not the end, btw, just the awesome start of the next part of the trip.

Voting over at shoneenclub. Even if you don't want to vote (why wouldn't you want to?) you should still go read the fic and look at the art. There is AWESOMESAUCE to be had. I'm tempted to know if anybody can guess what I wrote...only I have the feeling that it's probably pretty damn obvious.

je_fqfest is still posting fics (at the rate of five a day). JE PORN. What's not to love? There's a nice set of tags to use to find whatever you're looking for but, more importantly, THIS was written for me. I find it to be beautiful and all sweet and hot. YES.
I cannot (nor would I) say which one I wrote (or whether or not its posted yet) but, again, I have the feeling that its pretty obvious.

Also: MEG. I love her brain. No, I don't think anybody would notice (or care) about McCoy's accent. And your pain tastes like sweet, sweet candy.

ETA: I removed the rant. It's really just self-indulgent crap. Long story short and still boring?Collapse )

The important part to remember? THOSE LINKS.
Shoneen Contest Entries. Go and read the fic, stare at the art, you will love it. I promise.

And the first of the je_fqfest entries are going up tonight.

Fic for everyone! Life is good today.

PS. I need a Toma icon. Must rememeber to look for one.

Will be back around the internet and able to make comments soon. Still rebuilding brain. (beckerbell, I am looking at you.)
Apparently when I have a looming deadline (je_fqfest ;___;) I write over-emotional crap instead of crying and panicking like a normal person.

This relates to Aki's present but is not, alas, porno. I'm supposed to be writing porno (that is not related to Ohno's sex-demoning ways or the twisted things Jun did with those other two) but instead I wrote this.

At least I only wasted an hour?

More Than HeavenCollapse )

ETA: If anybody wants to read some actually awesome guardian angel fic, you can read this and the fic it links to. Because it is amazing--as Erin's work tends to be, I might add--and it is not nearly so heavy as this. Seriously, go give it a read.

ETA2: karmade drew fanart for this. Why are people so amazing to me?LINK IS NOW DONE?

ETA3: And people CONTINUE to be amazing to me! 9squirrels made fanart too! Of Sho and his tattoo!

Deadlines and junk

Ah, I meant to pimp this earlier but...the short story contest ohmiya ends today. Get an entry in if you can. ;___; I don't know that I will. My brain is sort of NOT WORKING.

sei_shoku is also going to be runing a contest because Nino's birthday is coming up and
He has cute hands

Ps: Moar shoneenclub spam, plz. C'mon, you guys know you want to write the Sho-Nino bffery.

ALSO. ruisetsuna is fantastic. She drew Heart-shaped Ohmiya, girl!Ohmiya (yes, I like my boyband as girls), and animal!Arashi. And in between those is some Matsujun sparkling and some Aiba/Jun and HI I LIKE ART, OKAY?

Which reminds me that everybody should check out the art over at the Road Trip's Fanart Masterlist.

And regarding arashiroadtrip... It really amazes me. It started as comment spam over at Tiina's and now it's 45 parts, has a word count of over 50k, and no real end in sight because there is so much we haven't explored (and other famous people we haven't roped in). And it's not like we plan things out as a group. I don't think anybody really talks to anybody about what's going to happen 'next' (sometimes 'next' is set years in the past) and somehow the whole thing just keeps going and keeps being awesome.

You know who's awesome?

Many things

First: Voting is going on over at ohmiya. I will say that I'm not winning and neither am I close to winning. This doesn't bother me because some of the entries are really amazing and it makes me really want to work harder when I write.

Second: a;sdfjsdjf;lsfj ruisetsuna did art for 'Heart-shaped'. It is AMAZING. It makes me inexpressibly happy. *________*

Third: Why is writing such a struggle these days? I gave myself a twenty minute time-limit today just to get something DONE and took a prompt off a list at 31_days.

Here, have some random angst.Collapse )

If you take anything away from this post let it be this: a;lsdkfjdOMG ART. Plus, you know, there is GIRL!Aiba and Sho and some other pretty people that I don't know.