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Ow and pimping and stuff

So in addition to the wrist brace (for possible carpal tunnel) I also hurt my back. I will not be around much in coming days. And then I will get back to everybody! But it means the world to me--and you lot know both what I mean and who you are. ♥

In the meantime! A quest!

the emperor has nothing on at all

Do this thing, yes!

I made Erin tell me what to write. By making her pick numbers for a list she could not see. her choices? 3, 1, and 3.

What did this mean? HYD, straight up gen, and a song. The first song up on my winamp was Grey in LA, by Loudon Wainwright.

(Written in about an hour--idea to posting. I need to get better at this.)

The Distance Between

SHE might have accepted whatever Tsukasa had told her, but that didn't mean that THEY were or would.

"Whatever it is, you should just say it," Akira protested furiously.

"Why let it fester?" Soujiroh added helpfully.

"Maybe I'll go after her," Rui said in a very not-helpful but at least very honest fashion.

"Go ahead," Tsukasa said icily. "It doesn't matter."

"This isn't like things with Shizuka," Soujiroh said quietly. "It's not something that can drift quietly. They're very different women."

"He's right," Akira spread his hands. "When you look at them, it's like fire and water, isn't it? Shizuka was willing to let things go on like this."

Rui took a breath and let it out. "Because it's only friendship with Shizuka," he said softly. "But this is love. And with you and her…that's just loud."

Tsukasa, at the window, tensed up. "Do I have to beat the hell out of you three?" he demanded.

Soujiroh and Akira looked at each other and shrugged before looking at Rui. Rui sighed. "Just once, it'd be nice to talk something out without hitting," he said, putting his hand on Tsukasa's shoulder and turning him to face him. "Wouldn't that be good?" he asked just before he punched him square in the jaw, sending him reeling.

Bouncing back upright, Tsukasa put up his fists. "Even if it's three against one, I'll take you! I'll take all three of you!"

Sighing, both Akira and Soujiroh pushed up from their chairs and stepped in. Akira took a punch to the stomach as Soujiroh shoved him forward, but since Soujiroh used it to land a good, solid right to Tsukasa's ribs, Akira didn't do much more than kick Soujiroh in the ass for it. Rui used Soujiroh's forward stumble from the kick to hit him for bringing up Shizuka and then turned his attention back to a recovering Tsukasa, shoving him into Akira's swinging fist. He took the elbow to the sternum that Tsukasa threw at him as he went with about as much grace as was possible under the circumstances.

After that it seemed like everybody lost track of who was hitting whom and for what reasons, though Tsukasa was taking the lion's share of the hits until…

"What the hell is going on in here?" Tsubaki demanded, wading in and tearing everybody apart, sending boys reeling this way and that until everybody was back in their own chair and Tsukasa was letting the wall by the window hold him up. "Can't I leave you boys alone for even an hour without you punching each other stupid?"

Rui dabbed at the blood on his lip. "Not really," he offered.

"Your brother started it," Akira put in.

"We were due—it's been almost a year," Soujiroh reminded her.

Tsubaki folded her arms. "All right, you three get out and go get seen by Tama-san. She'll patch you up enough to go home. You," she said, advancing on her brother as the others scuttled out. "You will sit down and—" she shoved him into the chair that Rui had hustled out of. "You'll tell me what's going on or else I'll beat it out of you. Clear?"

Tsukasa looked away moodily.

"Who's going to take care of you when I leave," his sister sighed gustily, turning his face back to hers. She touched the bleeding cut at his temple. "Honestly. You boys."

"Why do you even care?" he asked darkly. He lifted his eyes to hers and then flinched as she cupped his cheek.

"Oh, 'Kasa," she murmured. She lifted her other hand and gave him a sharp tap on the other cheek. "I'll miss you too. But I have to go. One day…" she sighed. "One day you'll understand."

"No I won't," Tsukasa told her. "I won't ever understand."

With another sigh, Tsubaki let go of him. "Maybe you won't. I hope you don't." She got up and went into his bathroom, brining out a wet cloth and a bottle of antiseptic. She sat down on the coffee table and dabbed at the worst of it. "But, if you do, you can come see me in L.A."

"I won't ever," Tsukasa said, glaring at her with heartbreak in his eyes as she tended to him. "I'm not going to let that witch push me around when it comes to any girl I approve of. So. So we'll never see each other again."

Tsubaki snorted. "Oh yes we will," she told her brother. "If you meet a girl who can stand up to that woman out there? I'll be on the first plane back to meet her."

It was Tsukasa's turn to snort. But it quickly turned into a sort of sniffle.


"Shut up. It's your stupid perfume. Why do you have to wear that stupid perfume? It stinks and makes me sick!" he snapped. He scrubbed at his eyes. "Geez, when you leave I'll be glad you're gone!" He wiped at them again. "So just go already!"

"I love you, too," Tsubaki told him, setting the cloth aside and wrapping her arms around him. When he hid his face in her neck, she stroked his hair. "I'll miss you."

He clung to her a little tighter. "I won't care," he said. "I'll be too busy being awesome at school with Rui and Akira and Soujiroh to even notice you're gone. I won't even see the place where you should be."

"You won't see it because you're going to have two black eyes," Rui said from the doorway. "Tama-san sent me to say that she wants to see you and put ice on you," he said. "And…" he paused. "The car is here."

Drawing in a deep breath, Tsubaki stood up. "I'll see you again," she said softly, touching the curls on top of Tsukasa's head. "I'll come back to meet your tough girl."

Without looking up, Tsukasa nodded. "'Nee-chan…" he stopped. "Get out of here," he said, sincerely. He looked away, to the side. "Really, just get out."

She left the room as both Akira and Soujiroh came back in. For a moment, nobody spoke and then Akira punched Tsukasa lightly on the shoulder. "C'mon, you're supposed to get cleaned up too."

Clapping him on the shoulder, Soujiroh pushed him forward. "For princes, we sure look like a bunch of hooligans," he said.

Rui's hand touched his back, guiding him. "Well, at least we're in it together."

Tsukasa squared his shoulders. "Whatever," he said. "I don't need anybody." And if his voice lacked strength or conviction, they let him have the illusion that he was the master of his universe.

Possibly I shouldn't be writing with the vicodin in my system but I'll go over it tomorrow when I'm not doped up and fix anyting wrong. Yay?


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Apr. 25th, 2011 05:17 am (UTC)
That was so cute and so perfect. I don't think you've ever read the manga before, but you touched on something that actually happened and I think that's so brilliant. While this scene in particular didn't happen, Tsukasa did throw tantrums when Tsubaki got married and moved away and the boys had to deal with his bitter tirades.

Having him yell at her to get out and leave and saying he won't miss her while all Tsubaki does is comfort him and tell him sweet things. ♥ God, I love them so much. They're such an amazing pair, and the understanding they have of each other because of the lives they lead is nothing short of spectacular.

tl;dr version: totes adorable.03
Apr. 25th, 2011 06:27 am (UTC)
I love it. Feel better soon, yes? I'll try to study properly so that we can catch up soon~

*scurries back to cramstudy*

Nov. 20th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
love it...the siblings love :)
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