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FML and stuff I shouldn't have been writing

Today was kind of a crap day. Really, just kind of crap. So instead of being responsible and dealing with things or even working on fic that is DUE, I wrote some Ohmiya. Finding Nino Ohmiya because porn takes too long and makes me cry rather than making me feel better.

Links to past parts! First and second. Even though this was written after some other stuff, this is three. This is--after a jump of several months time-- four. There's a fifth that takes place after part three and before part four but I'm not sure WHERE. And now part six, part seven and eight. Stupid, STUPID deadfic.

Finding Nino

Nino has four days in Tokyo. Three, really, since day four is all about waking up early and getting to the airport for the flight he stupidly splurged on. In those three days he has to tour different breeders, review bloodlines, check on sustainability and population in some of the aquatics, go over the import/export/transport laws, double check on transport methods and costs, and sign contracts.

This is why it's normally both he and Kazue who go; it's really a lot of work for one person.

But this time Ohno is in Tokyo and Nino really had not—and does not—trust himself. He needs to fill up his time and so he'd asked Kazue to stay home and counter the store herself. He'd blustered about Chinen but he knows his sister saw through him.

He shouldn't have called Ohno his first day in town, his first minute off the airplane. He wouldn't be here now, afternoon of day three, thinking of him and what he wanted, what he wants, and what would be happening if he'd not called Sakurai immediately after he'd called Ohno.

What Nino really needs to do is go back to Matsumoto's, flirt outrageously with his pretty girlfriend, pack his things, and maybe sleep at the airport so that he doesn't do anything stupid.

"Hey, Nino-chan!"

Speak of stupid, Nino thinks with resignation. "Stupid, what if somebody heard you say that?" he looks up at the silver car that's pulled up beside the sidewalk. Leaning out the back window is Aiba Masaki. Grinning at him like it's nothing.

"People did hear!" he says. "But nobody cares. C'mon and get in!"

Nino weighs his options but climbs into the car quickly. It's best if they're not seen together. It'd be better if Aiba had just… "Couldn't you have said 'hey, you'?" Nino asks him, buckling his seatbelt. The driver of the car ignores him utterly, merging seamlessly back into traffic.

Aiba smiles at him, delighted. "But then you wouldn't know I meant you," he says. Then, "Where were you going?"

Looking out the window, at the city around them, Nino sighs. "Back to Matsumoto's and then back home."

"Eh?" Aiba seems confused. "So soon? Does Satoshi know?"

'So soon'. This from a guy who flew out to throw magazines around for less than a day. "Four days isn't soon. You once came to Niijima just for an afternoon of lecturing Oh-chan about me." He shrugs restlessly. "Which he didn't listen to—you should have yelled more."

When Aiba doesn't say anything he looks over. Clear brown eyes are on him, looking at him closely. When Nino looks over, Aiba smiles at him. Gently. "I didn't want to lecture him. I only wanted to know who you were. Not—we knew WHO you were, even before Fridays and Bubka. I wanted to know who YOU were. You're pretty neat. I really like you. Does Satoshi know you're leaving so soon?"

He won't say it, but Nino really likes Aiba, too. From the little time he's spent with him, Aiba is energetic and fun and easy and accepting. Aiba reminds him of Toma and Pi, just a little. "I thought I might just sneak away. This was a pretty lousy idea," Nino admits.


"Talk to Matsumoto," Nino suggests.

Aiba's face breaks out into that sunshine smile again. "Oh, about Leader being all sleeping lion at you. Yeah, MatsuJun said so today at our photoshoot. It was our turn for relay," he says the last bit like Nino knows anything about that. "I think it was a great idea. He's really happy you came. Satoshi, not Jun. Not that Jun minds. He bitched about you a lot which means he likes you. Mao-chan loves you."

Nino snorts and looks away. And notices something. "Eh? Where are we?" He'd been less than a mile from Jun's apartment when Aiba's car had pulled over but they're not near it now, as far as he can tell.

Aiba leans over him, in his space to look out Nino's window rather than his own. Nino can smell hairspray and astringent on him over something that is just plain skin. "Oh," he says. "I didn't tell Hiroya to drop you off at MatsuJun's. So we're on our way to record some songs." He sits back with a smile, satisfied.

All Nino can do is stare at him for a moment. "I have somewhere else to be," he says at last.

Aiba smiles at him. "You do! Hiroya-kun, to Ohno's house, if you please!"

The driver changes lanes without a word.

Nino stares at Aiba. "Are you nuts?"

"If you're leaving, you have to tell him," Aiba says peacefully. Nino glares at him and Aiba leans into his space all over again. "He really likes you. We saw him at the airport when he first saw you, you know."

The way he'd smiled, the way he'd come toward him, the way he'd said his name…Nino remembers this all so clearly that it makes his heart trip even though it's just a memory. "You don't know—" he starts.

"You don't know," Aiba interrupts him. The car turns and slides to a stop in front of a tall apartment building. Nice but nothing extraordinary. Security doors. Aiba is already wiggling a small set of keys off the ring in his pocket. Both keys are painted blue. "One will get you through the security door and the other will get you into Satoshi's place if he's not home. But he should be. He's got filming tonight. Do your best!"

Nino finds himself dumped out of the car by enthusiastic hands. "You moron!" he yells at the car.

He can hear Aiba's laughter, high pitched honesty and amusement, even as the car pulls away and rounds the nearby corner.

Shit. He really likes Ohno's friends.

And now he has keys to his apartment.

He is so far beyond fucked that he can't even see there from here.

Ohno isn't asleep, not really. He's sitting on his couch, drowsing in place. The television is off, the only light is the late afternoon glow through the windows. Quiet. Peaceful. He can almost pretend that he's actually home, on his island, rather than in Tokyo. He wonders where Nino is. Not at Jun's—Mao told him so when he called. Maybe if he goes over, he thinks, Nino will be there by the time he arrives.

He's got filming in less than two hours but even a little bit of time is better than none. He wants to see Nino. He wants to see Nino and hear his voice and watch him charm Mao and Jun. He wants to see Nino and watch his eyes flicker at him, wants to touch him a little. Yesterday's kisses are still hot in his blood. He wants Nino.

The knock on the door startles him out of his reverie. Nobody has buzzed to come up so it's got to be one of his neighbors. He opens the door without thinking and clutches the edge of it so hard his bones make a cracking sound. "Nino."

Nino holds up a set of blue keys. "Aiba's a bit of an idiot. He threw me out here with these. What if I'd kept them, huh?"

Ohno takes the keys automatically, tossing them on top of the shoe box beside the door. "Nino," he repeats. Aiba's kind of a freaking genius he thinks but does not say. He steps back and opens the door. He doesn't say anything as Nino enters and absently toes off his shoes.

When he keeps not saying anything, Nino closes his eyes. "If it was a secret," he says quietly, just a whisper. "If nobody knew, if I were just—"

"Not you," Ohno understands something that Nino hasn't said. "If you being here were a secret, if nobody knew to come and intervene, interrupt," he corrects.

Nino looks at him and he's so unguarded that it takes Ohno's breath away. "If things were like that," he agrees "then…"

Then. Ohno's thought so much about it in the past month. It puts his heart in his throat and he can't speak. He reaches out and picks up Nino's hand. Nino's hands are steady, wide and square, his palms large enough to make his fingers look short. Ohno has so many thoughts about Nino's hands but now all he can think about is the look on Nino's face, in his eyes, afraid and yet fearless. He brings him into the apartment.

"Nobody knows," Ohno whispers, nearly soundless.

A shiver ripples over Nino and his eyes darken. "Nobody," he repeats and Ohno can only hold his hand and start moving them both.

Honestly, Ohno has had this apartment for several years but he's never spent much time in it. He runs into things as he leads Nino through it. Nino laughs at him a little, just with his eyes and the quirk of his mouth. He can tell when Nino sees the bed by the way his eyes widen. He turns and pushes until Nino sits and pushes more until Nino lies back. He has to swallow against the surge in his blood at the sight of Nino on his bed, looking up at him. It takes him a moment to gather himself enough to lie down beside him. Nino rolls to his side and they're facing each other. They're both breathing harder than they should be.

Ohno puts his hand on Nino's arm, at his elbow. "How are things at home?" he asks.

Nino startles, blinks. "Home?" When Ohno nods, his brows furrow. "They're the same as always."

They're not. "Who's minding the shop?" he asks.

"Kazue," Nino is still frowning at him. Confused. "Well, and Chinen but Kazue's doing my shifts so mostly her."

"I see." Ohno runs his hand up a bit, just until his fingertips can disappear under the edge of Nino's sleeve. "She's done it before, yeah?"

"Yeah. She owns it, doesn't she? She's not some idiot who's going to own something she can't run on her own."

Of course not. She's Nino's sister, after all. "What's the weather like? Still cool?"

Nino shakes his head, just a bit; Ohno can hear it against his sheets. "No. No, the last bit of spring has shaken loose. The heat is starting to set in. Almost summer."

"Short sleeves again," Ohno murmurs, tracing a line at the edge of Nino's. "I wanted to go fishing before the spring season ended."

"Because all the fish leave in the summer?" Nino asks, amused. His hand is warm, so very warm where it settles on Ohno's side. Like an afterthought. An afterthought of too much thought. Too carefully placed but recklessly so.

Ohno looks at Nino and his dark hair and his elfin face and his smile and his eyes. "How's Masami?" he wants to know.

Nino rolls his eyes expressively. "Dating Pi now," he says with a shrug. "Jin had to punch a guy over it. He called her a slut," Nino says and Ohno knows he was making that questioning face, knows that Nino can just read him. "When there are sixteen guys on the whole island who are in your dating range, dating four of them…" he trails off expressively.

"Four?" Ohno counts. "I only know Pi and Jin and Toma."

Snickering, Nino lifts his hand between them. "The summer I was fifteen," he says. "She let me tell everybody that we broke up because she didn't put out."

Ohno laughs a bit at that. "And then you got caught kissing some guy from Singapore?" he's double checking. He already knows this, more or less.

Nino grimaces. "Yeah. And after that I convinced Toma to make out!" he brightens and he's such a horrible little shit, he honestly is, and Ohno can't stand it. He cups Nino's face and draws him in. Nino makes a sound low in his throat and doesn't fight, comes willingly, and Ohno kisses him.

Softly, gently, just the easy brush of lips that they've shared all three times they've kissed. Three times, Ohno thinks, but it feels like it's been so many more times than that, it feels like he's been doing this for his whole life, for all of time. He presses, opens, and catches Nino's breath for his own. It's hot between their mouths but still so simple. Their lips cling and part, open and shift and that's all it is. Ohno lets his hand settle on Nino's neck and he can feel the way Nino wants but refuses to say so.

That's okay. Ohno wants to take his time anyway.

He breathes him in, breathes himself out, keeps kissing the softness of Nino's mouth slow and deliberate. He catches Nino's lower lip and sucks on it just once and lets it go. Catches his top lip with a smile. He can feel the way Nino smiles back and it's so much of what he's wanted for so long. There's no breaking up here, no tabloids, nothing but them and this thing that's been there from the start. "Nino," he mumbles as he kisses him again.

"Shut up, Oh-chan," Nino sighs back at him and it's Nino who presses forward and fits their mouths together again, Nino who takes his time.

Ohno loses track of time. The whole world can go fuck itself. There is nothing more than this, the sunlight and the dimming curtains and the bed and Nino and himself and the way they can't stay away from each other. He moves closer and finds Nino's feet with his own. They kick each other, giggling into each other, and Ohno opens his eyes. He can't remember closing them.

Nino is right there, not even an inch away. Smiling at him happily.

They're touching but only just. Just his hand on Nino's neck, Nino's hand on his side, and their feet tangled together. Just that little bit and it makes Ohno dizzy enough that he's glad they're on his bed. "Kiss me," he whispers. He can hear his own urgency. "Nino."


It starts out slow. They lean together and Ohno slides his hand from Nino's neck to the corner of his jaw, just under his ear. Nino's own hand moves from his side to his shoulder in a heady little rush. Their mouths touch and Ohno feels the first soft-hot-damp touch of Nino's tongue on his lower lip. He opens to him, reaches back, and touches Nino's tongue with his own.

He's not sure which of them snaps but suddenly it's nothing but roughness and greed. He can hear their harsh, breathless gasps and the wet sound of kissing. He's clutching the back of Nino's head and Nino has a handful of his hair in his fist and they're half wild with it, with this. He bites Nino's lip and it's probably too hard, it probably stings, but Nino moans at him and Ohno moans right back. There's nobody who knows. Nobody who can interrupt.

His buzzer sounds through the whole apartment, strident and startling.

They jerk apart. It takes Ohno a moment to realize that his phone is ringing insistently on the table behind him. And somebody is repeatedly punching that buzzer at the building door. He really does not care. It's only the weight of ten years that has him rolling for his phone. He knocks into Nino's bowl as he picks it up. "Sorry," he tells his fish as he checks the display.

His manager.

Fuck, he has filming. "Shit. Filming."

Nino smiles at him lazily. His mouth is pink and swollen, lips damp. I did that, Ohno thinks. "Don't you dare," Nino tells him, smile twitching into a smirk.

He does anyhow. One short, hard kiss. "Be here when I get back," he instructs.

Nino looks at him. "When?"

Trust Nino to think of the hard questions. Ohno has to think hard. "Call sheet says I finish at six. In the morning. What?" Nino's mouth has just pressed into a line, no longer a smile. "Just hide if Jun comes over."

Laughter is just a puff of air and a suggestion of his eyes but Ohno is entranced by Nino all over again. "My flight out is at six," Nino tells him. "I go home tomorrow."

Ohno wants to go with him. He longs for Niijima, for his house on the beach and the sound of the ocean. The door buzzer is insistent. His phone is still ringing. He wants to go home. "Wait for me there," he says softly.

Nino bites his lip and then, slowly, nods. "Okay."

He doesn't want to go. "Be there when I get home."

Nino sits up and taps the glass of the fishbowl. Nino swims over to investigate. "Hey, take care of this guy for a little longer, okay?"


"We'll be fine," Nino says. "I'll lock up and leave your keys with Matsumoto. He can smack Aiba for this."

"I will protect him with my life," Ohno says seriously as he grabs his wallet, stuffs that and his phone in his pocket. He looks at Nino, and at Nino, and the world right there in his hands and he goes to back to work.


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Nov. 21st, 2010 06:39 am (UTC)
[Reposted because I left out a very important bit XD;;]

I'm sorry to hear/read that you had a sucky day. *HUG* I hope writing this made you feel better, because it certainly made MY day wonderful.

EEEEE I love Nino's resistance to Ohno is in the form of the rest of his bandmates. Who aren't actually all that good at helping him resist at all, really. (Also, Nino is terrible at lying to the people who love him most; how can he expect to hide anything from his sister? And Aiba ♥ His driver must love him [and all of them] a hell of a lot.)

Oh man, the best thing about the kiss scene (and have I told you how much I love you kiss scenes?) is that there is a conversation before it. There's this thrumming UST between the two of them, prone on the bed and facing each other, and they just talk about domestic, homely things back on Niijima for the longest time until Ohno can't stand it anymore.

I still ache a little at Nino wanting the relationship so badly and kind of wanting to not want this badly and is still willing to make himself a secret in Ohno's life if he can, and Ohno not letting him because Ohno won't hide something that important to him. Did that make sense? Well, it's beautiful.

My favourite line? This last one:

He looks at Nino, and at Nino, and the world right there in his hands and he goes to back to work.

It says so much about Ohno's state of mind right then, and his character, and if I tried to explain the way I took it I am going to write something longer than half your fic. So just know that I love it and think you're really a writer who excels at capturing moments and the feelings in them.

This is...kind of all over the place, but really, thank you for writing and sharing this ♥
Nov. 21st, 2010 07:02 am (UTC)
Hi! You don't know me but I may have been stalking your journal for a bit. >.> I'm in love with this. Really. I don't usually read fic until they're complete, but this... *__* Once I started I just couldn't help myself. It's beautiful. And I love your Ohno so much! Oh and the atmosphere between them, the feelings, the longing, the sdkfjskf. And the fish. Yes. I apologize for the lack of coherence, I'll try to do better next time. If I can.
Nov. 21st, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC)
That was the seriously hottest kissing I've read in maybe ever. Kissing is HARD and this was cold-shower-hot!

Nov. 22nd, 2010 05:40 am (UTC)
I ENJOYED THIS GREATLY. whoops, all caps. i love that nino is unable to resist ohno. :D :D :D and that aiba is a genius (fact!).
Nov. 22nd, 2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
I've only now just caught up on this whole thing and I am completely enchanted.

This kissing in this story is... amazing. Words can't do it justice, the sweetness and longing is so palpable. It's beautiful and heart-breaking and exhilerating all at once.

It goes without saying that your Arashi is amazing, the friendships and poor Jun caught between wanting to be happy for Oh-chan and wanting what's best for their careers. Aiba is a ray of sunshine as always. But the way you're written Oh-chan and Nino is incredible, the connection you created is jut breathtakingly lovely.

I am really looking forward to more of this should you decide to continue.

And I'm sorry you had a crappy day. Wonderful people like you should only be allowed to have mildly annoying days at most. ♥
Nov. 23rd, 2010 10:31 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to things aren't going well. :( I have to tap you out a PM soon, I've been horrible about keeping in touch and I feel like it's been ages since we've talked. Hang in there, bb.

Also, have I mentioned I adore this AU? Beautiful, beautiful classic Ohmiya. ♥
Dec. 16th, 2010 05:07 am (UTC)
I really like this AU! (And I've been stalking your LJ for random updates in this universe!)

Srsly-- just. UGH. I love the angst and cuteness in it. And Ohno being so firm about his feelings for Nino is just umf!♥
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