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Instead, have this. Written in half an hour!


The Long Way Around

If there is anybody, in the history of ever, who knows that Matsumoto Jun is not supposed to be in love with Ohno Satoshi, it's Jun. The fact that the list of reasons of why he shouldn't starts with 'we have nothing in common' is like a sharp slap in the face for the sensible mind.

Yeah, he really shouldn't but he loves him anyway.

At least he can hide it.

"Mattsun's not a very good actor," Aiba tells him one night.

Jun would be hurt about this vote of non-confidence from Aiba except for the fact that he and Aiba are both drunk off their asses on his stupidly expensive--but worth every penny--couch. So he giggles. "You're one to talk."

Aiba giggles back at him, rolls over, and falls on the floor. "Noooo," he says from his new spot on the carpet. "I mean. I mean with Leader. How you look at him. Or don't. Because you totally don't."

"Shut up." How bad is it if Aiba's noticed? "I do too."

"You look and then you look away and you look down like...like..." Aiba sits up so suddenly that he nearly knocks heads with Jun, who's leaned over the couch to look at him. "It's like..." and Aiba looks down, ducks his chin and casts his eyes to the side. He doesn't bite his lip, not quite, but somehow the impression is there. So is the suggestion of a blush.

Aiba, Jun decides drunkenly, is a good mimic. "Shut up. I don't act like that. That's girl behavior."

Grinning, Aiba leans over and plants a sloppy, affectionate kiss on his cheek. "It's cute. Everybody thinks so. Leader thinks so. You should talk to him sometime," he says.

Jun would rather die of embarrassment or kill the others out of pure mortification. "They have not noticed," he declares. Aiba opens his mouth and then shuts it again. Meekly.

Damn straight, Jun thinks.

If he thought that was the end of it, he really thought wrong.

"Jun-kun," Sho catches him up inside Tokyo Dome.

"Sho," Jun smiles at him.

Oddly enough, Sho looks he would rather be anywhere but beside him. He takes a short breath. "You know, Satoshi really admires you. Things like today? Your planning and suggestions? He really--he likes that a lot about you."

Jun blinks. He's been doing this for years and he's just noticing now? How is it that it's just adorable when it's Leader finally seeing it? Jun smiles and coughs to hide it. "Ah. That's good. Thanks for telling me." It's weird, but good. Jun can take this moment and store it away in his heart for a rainy day.

Sho's eyes close briefly. Split-second brief. His smile seems a little forced. "You should talk to him."

"About the concert?" Jun frowns. Leader is never interested.

Sho's smile is definitely a little forced now. "About stuff."

He gets it. But it's Sho, so he smiles. "Right. Thanks."

"Good." Sho looks relieved and leaves so fast Jun's surprised posters aren't being torn off the wall in his wake.

Jun shakes his head and goes on his way. They're busy, he's busy and the last thing he needs to do is screw them all up by dorking out around Ohno. Somehow, Ohno makes him feel seventeen again.

He'll just ignore it.

And he would, except Nino climbs into the company car that's taking him home.

"Get out. Your car is over there." Jun points out. It's possible Nino's missed this because Nino has his DS in hand. And then, because it's Nino, "Because none of us is allowed to drive."

Nino bares his teeth at him. "Hey, NEWS isn't allowed either."

"You still have to get out of my car," Jun tells him.

"In a second." And Nino actually stores his DS in his bag and looks at Jun dead on. "Okay, Sho told me to talk to you so you shut up and listen because I'm only going to say this one time. Oh-chan and I are soulmates. We're always going to be soulmates. We're always going to hold hands and grope and kiss each other at random times and have entire conversations in our brains. We're always going to be together like this. As long as you don't try to get in between that, you and me are fine."

For a second, Jun's heart stops. When it starts, it starts up with an angry rumble that turns into a roar of thunder. Jun is a lot of things, but a boyfriend-stealer is not one of them. Especially not when it's Nino because--and he can't believe it himself some days--he loves Nino. There's nothing he'd do to hurt Nino, even if it means cutting out his own heart and stomping on it to spare Nino the pain. "I'm not an asshole, Kazunari," Jun tells him icily.

He's surprised by the way Nino half-smiles at him, nodding firmly. "You can talk to Oh-chan," he says as he gets out of the car.

Jun sits back in his seat. Like he needs Ohno to confirm this. Hell, half the Johnny's and probably most of Japan already suspected Ohmiya SK of being a cover for the real-deal.

It still hurts, though.

Pi tosses a copy of the latest Wink-Up on the table in front of him. "Hina said you'd want to see that," he says.

It's open to Toma's message. There's one for Jun. It says: Talked to Shige and he says that our fisherman talks about taking you fishing. When are you going to go? You should talk to him!

Jun narrows his eyes. "Pi? Are you going to see Toma anytime soon?" he asks.

Pi sighs. "Is this going to end with me throwing Wink-Up in his face? Because you should talk to somebody about your issues."

Jun throws the magazine at Pi's retreating back.

A week later, just as Jun is putting it all behind him, he walks in on Sho and Nino huddled up and talking. "...thought you were going to talk to him," Sho says.

"I did," Nino sulks. "You know how long publishing takes; maybe it happened ages ago."

"It's just. He hasn't. And he's getting really hopeless about it."

"Tell me about it," Nino mutters.

Jun walks into the room. "I got the message, okay?" he says.

He can't help it that his heart still looks to Leader. If it takes him some time to get over it, they can't blame him.

Still, for Arashi, he resolves to get it under control. "You don't have to worry anymore," he tells them, looking in his bag for his ipod so he can set up a 'get over this' playlist.

Two days later, Shun lets himself in to Jun's apartment. "You should really talk to your Leader about the way you feel," he says.

Jun, who is in the middle of getting dressed to go out and meet an old friend for drinks, flips Shun the finger. "Sure thing," he says.

Shun burrows his way into Jun's arms. "Dude? Nino talked to me. Ninomiya got up in my face and said 'talk sense into his ass' and I am here to tell you: talk to Leader. Get this out before Leader starts finding this annoying rather than cute, okay?"

Jun has stopped listening after the whole 'Nino talked to me' thing. "I'm going to kill him," he says.

"Cool. He's at my place."

"Fuck you, Nino," Jun says, slamming into Shun's apartment.

Inoue Mao looks at him blandly. "Is this going to be one of those boy moments?" she asks.

Jun looks at her. "What are you doing here?"

Nino rolls his eyes. "We're having dinner," he says, waving to the take-out cartons. To Shun he says, "I thought you were going to hole up at Jun's so we could be alone?"

"I will," Shun assures him. "I just wanted to see what Jun was going to do. He's so cute, I can't stand it! I'll take him if Leader won't."

Jun looks around, suddenly more confused than he really wants to let on. "Fuck you," he says weakly.

Mao stands up and comes to his side. She pokes him, hard. "You like Leader. Nino and I have been dating since we got married in that drama, Shun's letting us use his place so we're not seen, and Ohno Satoshi has been trying to get you to confess to him for months."

"...what? But Nino..." He turns to Nino. "How could you cheat on him after you told me he was your soulmate?"

Mao jerks around to look at Nino. "You told him that?"

"I told you that," Nino says, obviously reminding her.

Mao looks at him again. "He didn't mean that they're gay, he meant that they're stupid for each other. As long as you can accept Nino kissing your boyfriend, you'll be okay."

Jun stares at her. And then at Nino.

Mao makes a motion at Shun. "So go talk to him, you dummy!" Mao tells Jun as Shun picks her up at the waist and lifts her enough so that she can smack Jun in the back of the head. "He's waiting," she tells him softly, giving his hair a comforting stroke. "He's waiting for you."

"...what?" Jun repeats stupidly. This is. This is more than he can take in.

"GO!" Mao and Shun and Nino all say it.

So he goes. Along the way he gets texts from Toma, Sho, and Aiba. They all say 'GO'.

Ohno's apartment is new to Jun. Nino's been, but he's never dared. There's always been a barrier that starts with 'we have nothing in common' and sort of ends with 'and I like him too much'.

"Uh," he says when Ohno opens the door.

Smiling, Ohno holds the door open and steps back. "I was hoping you'd come around."

I'm given to understand that in Japan, when you like somebody, you go through third parties to get the idea across. Hence the indirect way Ohno--and everybody else--goes about things.



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Aug. 3rd, 2010 08:03 pm (UTC)
He's so cute, I can't stand it! I'll take him if Leader won't


This was absolutely charming in every way; funny, cute, full of friendship and siliness and Jun overthinking things. Goodness, I just loved every word of it.

Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:03 pm (UTC)
i just have to say that your icon is the BEST XD LOL
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:13 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you liked it! It's something that's been bubbling around in my brain for a while and I just had to get it out. Not that I don't love to have spazzy, dorky, adorable Jun in my brain...♥
Aug. 3rd, 2010 08:04 pm (UTC)

Are you still walmart's bitch? :<

Also: JunToshi, totally not my thing but you could write anything and I'd be all over it. :3 Also, NinoMao...not something I'm used to seeing, tbh, because Nino really is a gay little fucker but....CUTE. :Db

Aug. 8th, 2010 07:16 am (UTC)
Juntoshi is not my thing either. But every so often I see really bad Juntoshi or some totally awful Ohmiya and I think 'fuck this noise' and something like this happens.

Nino really is a gay little fucker

He's totally bi! He as good as said so on interview! Truthfully? I like giving Nino random girlfriends and I really wanted to have Mao in this. Two great tastes and all that...

(Plus, how creeped out would Jun be by Nino/Mao?)
Aug. 3rd, 2010 08:05 pm (UTC)
It is so cute and so indirect and so long awaited that it breaks my heart!

It is beautiful. ♥

Thank you very much.
(I hope you're fine!)
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:17 am (UTC)
I am fine! Just mostly busy! Thank you for caring, though! ♥ And I'm really glad you liked this. Juntoshi is not my pairing of choice but they could be so damn CUTE together, so sweet, that sometimes I can't resist them.
Aug. 3rd, 2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
That was adorable. Everybody has to let him know that Ohno's waiting for him...clueless Jun's cute.
Nino, the master of words as always.
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:21 am (UTC)
XD I abuse Jun so much. But, to be fair, he's not exactly clueless. He just figured that his friends thought he was the girl who needed to go confess and get all the weirdness out of the way--rather than what was really going on, that his friends were thinking he was the GUY getting the message from the girls' friends to GO ASK HER OUT ALREADY, OMG.

Aug. 3rd, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
"I just wanted to see what Jun was going to do. He's so cute, I can't stand it! I'll take him if Leader won't."


P.S. Omg, Ohno/Jun fic! That includes the rest of Arashi! All encouraging him! And going through third parties! I love you with a fiery, fiery passion. Especially for the way you make Jun's life hell, but in the way he totally deserves. I love that they ALL make his life difficult, in their own special ways. ♥
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:24 am (UTC)
SHUN/JUN NINJAS IT'S WAY INTO MY BRAIN AND DEMANDS TO BE SHARED. S-seriously? Did you see his face when Shun was on their show? Or SHUN'S? It's like they're Ohmiya, only with less ass-grabbing and more crap-giving.

♥ I'm glad you liked the Ohno/Jun, though. Sometimes I just feel the need to step in and say 'no, no, they work together without angst, betrayal, and heartbreak'. And who doesn't love to abuse Jun's dignity?
Aug. 8th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
I have just finished downloading it and I've watched, like, the first two minutes of it and ALREADY IT IS A GOLD MINE. I don't know why they don't have him on their shows, like, every week. He loves being on their shows! They love having him there! The audiences love him almost more than they love Arashi! IT IS WIN ALL THE WAY AROUND.

Sometimes I kind of give up on the fandom for Ohno and Jun because I get tired of seeing them written as angsty or like they're betraying the rest of the band somehow. No, you guys! They're just as silly and dorky as any ship! Ohno and Nino can gang up on Jun together if you want! Or Ohno and Sho can hang out just fine without Nino getting jealous! Ohno and Aiba work great together! So why not Ohno and Jun, too? Because everyone has that ~*special connection*~ with Leader and there should be porn for all of it. :|b
Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
somehow this was a fun story :D it's cute how everyone just tries to get them together~
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
I'm happy you liked it! It was fun writing it and thinking of how they'd all go about it.
Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:22 pm (UTC)
this is the most wonderful thing. when everything else in the world makes me sad, you still make me happy. ♥
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
♥ I'm sorry the world is making you sad. If you give me a prompt I might eventually, some day in the unknown future, write you a fic. Becasue you make me happy.
Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:32 pm (UTC)
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *pats poor, oblivious Jun*

Mao makes a motion at Shun. "So go talk to him, you dummy!" Mao tells Jun as Shun picks her up at the waist and lifts her enough so that she can smack Jun in the back of the head. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS OMG. I don't particularly miss the drama-ness of Hanadan, but I certainly miss those people being around each other. Good thing Jun and Shun are too BFFs as to not share their dorkyness with us more or less frequently.
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:28 am (UTC)
I love Jun so much. :D

I loved HYD but it ended well and it was enough. But seeing Shun and Jun together? Hearing their retarded stories about each other? More please! And I loved watching them with Mao. Or watching Shun with Abe and Matsuda. That cast had such good chemistry with each other.
Aug. 3rd, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)

ff man, juntoshi is never written well and so i always kind of hide away from it, but it's you and so it's just fabulous. ILU.

half an hour, you brag.
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:31 am (UTC)
Totally not homo!

I usually dislike JunToshi, too. It's not really my pairing and so much of it demonize Nino. But then Ohmiya fic will single out Jun as the bad guy and I stand up and say 'oh YEAH?' and this happens.

(Well, I wrote it in half an hour. The idea has been kicking around for months. Ever since the last Jun-rapes-Ohno fic. Or was it Nino he raped? I don't know. BUT SINCE THAT TIME. So it didn't come out of nowhere in half an hour. That was just the wording. The scenes were in my head already.)
Aug. 8th, 2010 01:19 pm (UTC)
lol demon nino and rapes-everyone jun. obviously it's all true, that's why fandom's all on it. (lol some things that fandom sticks to are just, idk, kind of hilarious. and frustrating. but mostly hilarious.)
Aug. 4th, 2010 03:53 am (UTC)
So cute, LOL! I'm not a big juntoshi fan, but I kind of adore the cheesey romance drama that goes on. And Nino. OH NINO. I love him so much!

I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to go to work though @_@
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:33 am (UTC)
Oh, god. WORK. Why must it be so...work-like? Why can't our jobs be full of rainbow gay and sparkles? ;____;

Other than that, yeah, I'm not one for Juntoshi either but if anybody is going to have a cheesy romance with Ohno, it's going to be Jun. Because they are such puppies together. And I'm glad you liked Nino in this. I loved writing his scene in the car and how he didn't realize what the hell he said WRONG there. I love that kid.
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:36 am (UTC)
I'm just coming off a 50 hour week. Admittedly I did it to myself, so it's not like I can even blame the job, but it's still ridiculous and I am crying over my single day off tomorrow before I have to go back.

As for Nino, he will probably look back on it and think that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what he said, it was all truth. LMAO He and Ohno are soulmates, deal or gtfo. I think this is a fair disclaimer for Jun or anyone else looking to get involved with Ohno Satoshi.
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:45 am (UTC)
ICON! &hearts;
Even if you did it to yourself, it should still be full of crossdressers, hideous costumes, and a truckload of Juniors. This is what work should be for all of us! I hope you have a good day off. ♥

I mentioned this down the page but Nino, even upon close reflection, sees no problem with what he said. He told Jun he doesn't care if Jun dates Ohno as long as he acknowledges and respects the fact that Nino got there FIRST and is,in fact, not-gay!married to Ohno.

And then he tells Sho to quit crying because it's not Nino's fault that Jun is a TARD who overthinks things and is blind to Leader's come-hither stare.
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:46 am (UTC)
Re: ICON! &hearts;
To be fair, Leader gives that look to well-cut fish, too. :x
Aug. 8th, 2010 10:42 pm (UTC)
Re: ICON! &hearts;
Well, yes. And the right kind of beer as well. But that doesn't excuse Jun from missing this! Sho's just being a mother about this because Jun is a big baby.
Aug. 4th, 2010 05:35 am (UTC)
I love this, but my absolute favorite moment is Sho lifting Mao up so she can smack Jun. ♥
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:34 am (UTC)
I loved the chemistry between Shun and Mao and Jun. It was me shamelessly playing on that love that lead to that moment. Plus I think Mao is one of the only people who can whack Jun and get away with it. I'm glad you liked the fic, though. ♥ You're such a great writer that it makes me feel wonderful when you like my stuff.
Aug. 4th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Oh lord, I love your brain&hearts Sho lifting Mao, all the indirect prods, Nino staking his claim while giving the green light.

and now I have to go to work. But I'm going with a smile, dammit.
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:36 am (UTC)
Boo, work! But yay, I'm glad I could make you smile before you had to go! I'm super happy that you liked this--especially the Shun-lifting-Mao and the prods and Nino's 'omg, you can't date my boyfriend unless you agree that I'm always his first boyfriend! moment. That moment was actually the scene that inspired this entire fic.

You make me happy. ♥
Aug. 5th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
it's rare to find juntoshi fics and even rarer to find GOOD juntoshi fics so this was so awesome to read.

i love the roundabout way and how everyone was involved. this was fantastic.

Aug. 8th, 2010 07:38 am (UTC)
I'm not much for Juntoshi so I'm glad to see a fan who likes this fic! I really think they're a sweet pair and that they could be so cute and so GOOD together but I see SO many Ohmiya fics that trash Jun and out of the few Ohno/Jun fics I've read so many of them tend to bash Nino. I really wanted to show the side of Juntoshi that hapens WITHOUT those things. So I'm glad that worked for you. I am SO glad. Thank you!
Aug. 7th, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)
Oh, Jun, poor Jun! Everybody knowing his business before he even knows it himself XD
This was great, though. Even though Ohmiya will always be my no.1 (then Yama pair...then Juntoshi), it was adorable. Or maybe I just like Jun being frustrated...

Either way, I really enjoyed it!
Aug. 8th, 2010 07:40 am (UTC)
lol! Ohmiya is my number one and Juntoshi really comes in last for me. Sometimes I just love to play with the dynamic. This was partially a Jun-and-Nino fic for me, since the scene in the car is what got this whole thing started in my head. I'm so glad you liked it, though! And 'everybody knowin ghis business before he even knows it himself' is an excellent way of putting it! Poor Jun! At least he got Leader at the end of it. ♥ Thank you so much for reading this and for commenting!
Aug. 8th, 2010 08:09 am (UTC)
have I ever told you that it's my secretest of hearts that Nino and Mao get together?

This was BRILLIANTLY stupid. And I love-love-love that Ohmiya are still soul mates and that it takes a GIRL to cut to the chase. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
Aug. 8th, 2010 10:44 pm (UTC)
XD I love giving Nino random women as his girlfriends. My favorite is Misono but...Nino and Mao? Can you imagine Jun's trauma face? ♥ Plus, Mao is adorable and so is Nino. They'd bully each other and be cute

I'm really glad you liked the story and the Ohmiya in it (they are one, yo). And Mao is sensible. Besides, nothing else was working, sometimes you just have to tell a boy he's being stupid.
Aug. 11th, 2010 11:19 pm (UTC)
YOU WROTE JUNTOSHI!!! *________* I really love you so much right now! &hearts &hearts &hearts

It's Jun being all straight-forward and not realizing that his Leader is subtle (well, subtle for him and Arashi and his other friends, anyway) and having this weird idea that Ohno doesn't want him, but having the best unhelpful-helpful friends in the world anyway, and - SO CUTE! *____*

You totally made my day with this! &hearts I love JunToshi so very much, but so much of the fanfiction for the pairing is just exceedingly bad (and this says someone who actually loves the pairing so much that she's willing to go through some muck for it and who's actually plotting an epic hurt/comfort/bondage/D-s JunToshi fic that very few people on her friendslist would probably like to read) that I pretty much never read it.
Aug. 14th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
Yay, somebody who likes JunToshi! I'm really glad you liked this. I like to be loved! ♥

JunToshi is not my favorite pairing (unless it's part of something larger, like an OT5, wherein it beats out Sakuraiba) but I still see it as something sweet, something graceful, something soft and still fun, a place where they can rest together. And SO much of the fanfic for it is...not that*. It makes me sad. JunToshi does not have to diminish the bonds between Ohno and Nino. It doesn't have to ignore Jun's history with Nino (and Aiba) and his internal squishy-ness for his band. They can be together without it isolating them from Arashi, without it being set apart from Arashi. I hate that fic does that to them and ignores the beauty of their love for their group.

*Ohmiya has it's fair share of this, too, but at least there's a lot of fic coming in so there's always the chance of getting something good.
Aug. 14th, 2010 08:11 pm (UTC)
I'm really glad you liked this. I like to be loved! ♥

And we like loving you! &hearts &hearts
(...And now I've got "I was made for loving you, baby" stuck in my head... *headdesk*)


I still see it as something sweet, something graceful, something soft and still fun, a place where they can rest together.

THIS. Especially that last one. I mean, I really enjoy power-play in fiction and I find it interesting to think of Jun and Ohno in those terms, because Ohno is this leader who's honestly really good at leading, who is respected and acknowledged as the leader, but who doesn't actually feel any need to lead and would rather let others take charge in group situations as long as they leave him be like he is, while Jun is the youngest of the group who, in the beginning, was set up to be anything but a leader, but who quickly became uncomfortable with his "comedic"/"baby" role and longed to have people look at him and acknowledge him for the person he is, and who also really enjoys being in charge of stuff and organize stuff for everyone, which gives a very interesting contrast between "what they're supposed to be/what they can be" and "what they are/what they enjoy being"; but even when I write/imagine them being in such a power-play dynamic, the thing I always come back to is this idea that they'd... find a sense of peace in each other.
They wouldn't have a dynamic like Ohno and Nino, who basically live in each other's mind and who'd be as much about being wacky and weird together as about being sweet and loving; or a dynamic like Nino and Sho, with Sho gentling Nino and appreciating him for the good person he truly is and Nino pushing Sho forwards and giving him a space where he can be as silly and faily as he wants to be; or a dynamic like Jun and Aiba, with Aiba making Jun open up and smile and Jun taking care of Aiba and protecting him. But they would have a dynamic that would be all about Jun relishing to take care of his Leader and make sure that everything in his life is in order and Ohno giving Jun his absolute trust and the freedom to be who he truly is, and it would be a really peaceful relationship, with an underlying love and sweetness even when Jun complained about Ohno being burned to a crisp again and Ohno just ignored him to do whatever he wanted.

JunToshi does not have to diminish the bonds between Ohno and Nino. It doesn't have to ignore Jun's history with Nino (and Aiba) and his internal squishy-ness for his band. They can be together without it isolating them from Arashi, without it being set apart from Arashi.

That's what really frustrates me about some of the JunToshi stories. I mean, I've read others as well, those that didn't forget Arashi, just as I've read some Jun/Aiba stories that completely ignored that they were in a band together with those other three guys, but this need to ...give an excuse for putting Jun with Ohno by making Nino into a total bastard, or by making the two of them be hated by the rest of the band so that they have the exclusiveness of being a pairing - really, fanfic writers? Really? Because honestly: a.) they're possibly the most incestuous group in Johnny's (excluding TOKIO, perhaps) and being involved with one of them will always mean having all the others up in your business anyway, and b.) romantic love isn't the be all and end all of love. There are dozens of ways in which one human being can love another and no one way of loving negates or cancels out the others. Ohno can love Jun romantically and still be Nino's soulmate and have freaky telepathy going on with him. Jun can love Ohno romantically and still be Aiba's best friend, and both of them can be in love with each other and still think that Sho's the best thing since the invention of chopsticks.
(Also, seriously: Why would anyone EVER willingly deprive themselves of the chance to write Nino being a horrible little prankster towards Jun by calling his cellphone just as he's about to have sex with Ohno, because those two little freaks have a mind-link that tells Nino exactly when the most inopportune moment to interrupt is?)
Oct. 27th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)
i really liked this! i often think, looking at pictures of jun and ohno, that i would totally enjoy fic about them, except my heart is FOREVER OWNED by ohmiya so this is exactly the way juntoshi has to be, for me: forever love ohmiya, plus adorable jun and ohno. XD nicely done!
Nov. 14th, 2010 07:03 pm (UTC)
I am goingto be upfront and say that I suffered a complete attack of spazziness when I saw your name in my inbox. Because I love your Arashi fic to death (and I don't think I've ever commented because of those 'omg, Fandom GREAT--so not worthy, plus she's not writing anymore...?' moments). So. Um. Yes. Happy! Moving on?

I'm glad you liked this! So happy! Because JunToshi is not my pairing, either. My heart belongs to Ohmiya and so I had to include that in this. I really wanted to include ALL of Arashi in this--aside from the fact that it is their Leader and their Baby--so many fics for this pairing just dump the band, make them hated by the band. Arashi is happiest when in a gigantic pile, damn it (so long as Nino is in a place to reach Ohno's ass, I mean) and in retaliation against badfic, I wrote this.

And now I'm rambling. Hi. I swear I'm not retarded.
Nov. 15th, 2010 05:15 am (UTC)
haha, oh man, thank you! i've definitely been out of the fandom for a while, and i am usually a lurker myself, so i appreciate the comment now. (lol, fandom great, hahah. because i can spell?? too snarky? i'll just leave this here and second guess myself once i've hit post. XD)

whenever i start thinking outside of the ohmiya or aiba/jun boxes, it's really way too easy for the pairings to just become "ohno and his boyfriends, arashi," or "sho is high maintenance but it's worth it for his boyfriends, arashi." i mean, once you've justified a threesome, it seems unfair to not have them ALL involved, no?

in short, i appreciate your commitment to sparkle motion, and i totally forgot to mention that i really liked the used of third party interventions in this. XD
Apr. 25th, 2011 06:44 pm (UTC)
Awesome! It's cute how it does around. And how everyone is telling Jun to just talk to Ohno. AND Nino's talk with Jun is simply the best, Bwahahah!XD

Nov. 23rd, 2011 04:04 pm (UTC)
I was putting together a list of my favourite fics, and realised that this is one of them, and I have yet to comment on it. *fail* But. I absolutely love this; it's definitely my favourite Juntoshi fic. Because despite them being my current OTP, it's so hard to find good Juntoshi. I love how you portrayed them here, and how you had the Ohmiya soulmate/mind-link thing going and that Arashi is Arashi, here.
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